Lavardin IT Problem

Has anyone encountered a problem with the Lavardin IT whereby the light comes on when switched on, but there is absolutely no sound?
Do you happen to know the fix
I'm not too familiar with the integrated you have, but here's a few things you may want to check.

Make sure you are not in mute or standby if it has those features.

Make sure you are selecting the right input.

If it has a remote, make sure the buttons are not sticking.

Open it up and have a look inside. Make sure the fuses are ok and none of the wiring loose is or disconnected.
I had an IT and it doesn't have a mute or standby, from memory. Is it new for you, was it working OK before? You could look under the lid, but it may not be helpful with Solid State kit. I couldn't tell if a capacitor was blown, without a circuit tester, even if I knew how to use one.

It may be worth checking the input source, try a different one if you have one. Otherwise I would take it to a tech to check it out.