Launch of Zu Audio Experiences loudspeakers

Hi guys and gals, I've heard rumours that Zu Audio are soon to release a new flagship model, the aforementioned Experience, maybe a trickle down from the Dominance.
Does anyone have any news, info, specs etc?
Did anyone to go to the Napa, California, Zu House Party to pre-launch the Zu Experiences? If so, any thoughts?

I wasn't able to get to NorCal to hear the first public prototype of the Experience, but I did see Sean a few days before when he passed through SoCal. There is still significant work to be done on converting the one-off prototype design to a serially producible speaker that also works economically. The basic objective is to combine something reasonably close to Definition's practical packaging with as much of Dominance's scale, focus and clarity as possible, without losing any of Zu's trademark tone density. Having heard Dominance, and from what I know of the design and manufacturing decisions for Experience, plus the direction Definition has taken through it's last three versions, I believe when Experience is released later this year, those who hear it will consider the objectives fully met.

Phil, greetings, I haven't read anything new from you since the initial flurry of positive comments on the Def 4, some 3 years ago.
If it's of any interest, I modded the 4's initially by replacing the stock spikes w/Symposiuim Acoustics Rollerblocks. Then the Zu-approved Duelund Cast caps to the Radian supertweeters high-pass filters network. And then Lundahl transformers to the Hypex sub amp Class D modules.
These changes transformed the 4s from amazing to stellar, esp opening up a level down in the bass that was just not present before. And some sweetening of the Radians, allowing a more airy presentation.

So I'm fascinated to know how the new Experiences are going to top all this. Sean I know is keeping his cards close to his chest, but surely you can reveal a LITTLE about what the design choices are likely to be.
Esp in trying to squeeze Dominance-territory performance into a Definitions-sized package.