Laugh but give me a clue

I hate dickering over prices. I sold all my audio equipment 2 years ago and all I had left after paying for my Daughter's school was about 2K. So I bought a reciever and a pair of Cambridge Soundworks Newton T300. They cost $1600 brand new and they are Perfect in appearance. Now I'm able to get back into a hobby I loved so much. I know I can't get much for these but what are they worth? I don't want to look like an ass asking 50% If these don't deserve it. I'm looking to buy a set of speakers that is more for music alone than HT. Thanks!
Hi, Audiobeer: You don't indicate the brand of the receiver, unless you meant that it is part of a Cambridge Audio system. I doubt you will get much interest in this system from people using Audiogon -- you will probably have more luck selling it on E-Bay, and may also get more money for it.

Realistically, 50% of MSRP is as much as you will probably get on resale for what is essentially "mid-fi" gear, and possibly less if the receiver is an off-brand. If you list the system on E-Bay, you could set the reserve price at 40% of retail price, and see how much more you can get on the auction.

Best of luck to you, and I hope you will soon be able to buy equipment that "feeds the habit".
You have a couple of options, check out the Bluebook feature here on Audiogon, and/or search completed auctions on Ebay. These data points should give you a good idea what your stuff is worth. Welcome back!
or try the Orion Bluebook website