Laufer Teknik Memory Player and Mini

I would like to start a new thread concerning the Memory Player and Mini.
It has come to my attention that there are other owners who may either have questions or have experience with Sam's products that can help fellow owners with regards to setup and usage.

As for me, I own the Mini.
Though I bought it for playing my CD collection, my current usage would be to use it for streaming Quobuz, Tidal, and other streaming apps-which I know is not using it for its' main purpose, but I haven't opened a CD in 3 years and doubt I will do so in the future.
I would also like to use the Mini as a Network Player like the Bluesound Node, but have no idea how that might work, nor if it is possible.


Bob -

Thanks for starting this thread. I’m a new Memory Player 64/16 owner.

I’m wondering if I am ripping my cd’s correctly into the Memory Player. Whenever I rip using dbPoweramp to JRiver, the album tracks get alphabetized instead of being put in track order. I have dbPoweramp set to rip to WAVE64. The ripped files are stored in the Memory Player.

The same thing happens when I try to transfer files from an external hard drive, which I had converted to WAVE64. The albums tracks get alphabetized.

I have Roon as well as JRiver. With Roon, the album tracks that are ripped to WAVE64 are in correct numerical order. It’s just JRiver that’s a problem. I'm glad I discovered Roon or I would have been really frustrated with the situation.

Does anyone have the same issue? Any ideas why my album tracks are being put into alphabetical order with JRiver?
No help with the mini or memory player.

However I do use JRiver and all my ripped cds to either USB thumb drive or PC own internal hard drive are always in track order.
Not sure if I got lucky with settings or what.

I did have a similar problem with mconnect software on my phone and once I dug into the settings I did find an option for title or track number which fixed the issue.

Might be worth poking around the JRiver settings?
Thank you Uberwaltz for responding. Thing is, all was well when I was using JRiver with my Mac Mini and AIFF files. There's something about how JRiver is dealing with my WAVE64 files. Granted, WAVE64 is somewhat of a novelty for file playback, but that's what Laufer Teknik recommends. I looked at my JRiver settings before, but I'll poke around some more to see if there's something I missed.
Thanks for posting guys.
I know there are other Memory Player owners on Agon and hope they will chime in with recommendations.
@thaluza .
The only other advice I can offer is to try calling Sam and have him explain the best practices. He seems to be more available during the weekends. So, if you can call him during the week, say Friday, and see if he can spend some time, I think it would be time well spent.
FWIW, I find Sam to be very helpful, but the many facets of running a business seems to stretch him thin. I believe a little patience and brainstorming here on Audiogon will give us the answers we need.