LATIN Guitar ??

suggestion guitar ablum ??
Gipsy Kings,
Paco De Lucia,

Emanuel Baruecco -- classical latin guitar of composers such as Hektor Villa Lobos, Leo Brouer.

Vince Mendoza/Arif Mardin project Jazzpan'a featuring Los Joven'os Flamencos with WDR big band.
Here’s few of my favorite:
Strunz & Farah: Americas, The best of Strunz & Farah, hdcd
Jesse Cook: Tempest, Gravity, Vertigo (avoid FreeFall, his latest release)
Oscar Lopez: Heat, Seduction, Armando's Fire
Paco De Lucia, John McLaughlin, Al DiMeola: The Guitar Trio, Friday Night in San Francisco
De Lucia, Paco: Sirocco
Gipsy Kings, Volare! The very best of Gipsy Kings, nonesuch, 2 cd
Liebert, Ottmar; Nouveau Flamenco
Various Artists: Gypsy Soul, Narada
Hope it help and happy listening
Bola Sete "Tour de Force"
Bola Sete and Vince Guaraldi "Both Sides Now"
Robin Towner "Anthem", Tuck Andress "Reckless Precision"
Listen to some of the "tres" players, like Eliades Ochoa.

Robert Michaels a Canadian with really good music. He has 4 albums all very nice.

Utopia (the album...not the speakers)

Govi's "No Strings Attached" and "Guitar Odyssey", simply fantastic.
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No, I'm not plugging this web-site. If you know somewhere cheeper please let me in on it.

Take it easy
adding willie and lobo, and johannes linstead to the list. kurt
add Bueno Vista Social Club produced by Ry Cooder and their members that are currently available at columbiahouse.
A great list artists, I will add:

Oscar Castro-neves
Martina & Cia
La Esperanza
La Vienta
Whoops, that Guaraldi/Sete title is "From All Sides Now"
A great list artists, I will add:

Oscar Castro-neves
Martina & Cia
La Esperanza
La Vienta
Marakanetz, the strings on Buene Vista are provied by Ochoa (tres) and Barbarito Torres (laud).
Barbarito Torres is featured in the Havana Cafe release, Ochoa has tons of regording (he's the top tresero), also leads the Quarteto Patria. He's vcery much melody-driven.
Some bands with great tres play: Trio Matamoros (amazing burst of speed), Los Guracheros the Oriente, Septeto/Sexteto Habanero, Septeto Nacional, Estudinatina Invasora, and

Add Nino Rivera (funky Montuno style) and Arsenio Rodriguez to the list of treseros.

I love guitars, only recently discovered the amazing moodiness that the Cuban tres can produce. I'm totally hooked. I'll be more than happy to recommend specific recordings.