Latin Female Singers - Any suggestions?

I have always wanted to expand my listening repertoire beyond the traditional jazz ballads/balladeers. It seems as I discover new singers in the idiom I keep hearing many of the same traditional ballads being redone in much the same way. This is great to a point but a little spice of the Latin variety sure wouldn’t hurt. In that regards, I've done a little research and discovered Yasmin Levy (Landino, flamenco). Her album, Sentir blows me away. The recording quality is quite good too. I also like Brazilian Ceu (samba, reggae, jazz) on her self-titled album. Ojos de Bruja are also doing interesting stuff. None of these can be called jazz in the traditional sense but good nonetheless.

Concha Buika's collaboration with Chucho Valdes is another great find. Fantastic synergy between Concha and Chucho here, with very good sound quality as well. Others I have manage to sought out so far are Mexican singers Lhasa, Lila Downs,Chavela Vargas and Argentinian Mercedes Souza.

I'd be interested to hear of any others, along these lines, that you might be aware of.
Omara portuondo, super Cuban music she was in Buena vista social club project.
From Spain Ana Belen excellent.
Xiomara Laugart from Havana she performed Celia Cruz in broadway iTunes has her albums you can listen I see if you like it before purchasing.
I love female vocals.
I recognize a couple that you mention. Here is 2 that I very much enjoy, although differing from the style's you mention:

Rosa Passos - folk, jazz
Chiara Civello - 'Last Quarter Moon' ; pop? easy listening?
Mercedes Sosa. ...SIMPLY THE BEST Musician....

Lidia Borda: (Best current Tango Female voice)

Libertad Lamarque (Best Tango Female voice ever)

Paula Morelembaum (she is good) (Brazil bosanova)

Maria Bethania (brazil - bossanova)
Second Celia Cruz and Gal Costa. Many fans of Brazilian female singers would say that Elis Regina was the greatest ever.