Latest USB converters or music server?

I have recently purchased a Musical Fidelity KW DM25 transporter and dac.

One of the reasons for choosing this model, was that it offered a switchable facility for the dac - you can switch between the transport and a spare spdif connection.

I am keen to use computer based audio as well as CDs.

My question is: What is currently thought to provide the best sound quality given my set up?

Option 1: Laptop (I have one spare) with something like an Empiracle Audio USB off-ramp Turbo 2, fed into my DM25? This model is a few years old now.

Option 2: Power supply modded Squeezebox Duet, fed into my DM25?

Option 3: ??? Other ideas ???

I am quite happy to build something, or DIY if needed.

I am also happy not to spend too much cash.

I know that this subject is often covered, but computer gear changes so quickly these days - apologies.
The modded squeezebox is good. Do check to see if the mods are directed more to the DAC as I am not too sure you will get that much more from the mod if you are using an external DAC.

i suggest buying a squeezebox and try it before the mod. Save some money.
i have the squeezebox and love it....yes there are some other situations out there, but the squeezebox offer internet radio,, all over the world, new,talk,music..also you can bring in rhasopdy and pandora through the squeezebox network which i enjoy and it is all free. the duet offers a smaller look but the squeezebox is more your dac has an input from the computer , why not just use the dac and you can get everything i described on the computer anyway...the squeezebox,duet offer remote control which offers easier access . also more info and good product and info on downloading at www.pacific& ,i think that is it....they offer interesting info...dwhitt
The Empirical Offramp will give you better sound than the Squeezebox, IME.
Use your DAC. I did.

I recently went computer audio. I have a MacBook > Kimber USB > Bel Canto 24/96 USB Converter which comes with its own BNC cable > to the DAC of my Cary 306 Pro...

To say I am impressed with the sound would be a vast understatement!

Modwright Transporter - I've sold my high end player, since the output via wireless as well as via digital input is better than any player I've ever had before that I can recall, including two Modwright Sony units. A good friend of mine has recently bought an Empirical rig (PaceCar + NorthStar [Empirical-modified] DAC). At some point I hope we can do a comparison - I'll post with the results if we do. I couldn't be happier with the Modwright Transporter. Disclaimer: Dan Wright is one of my clients.
gigabit network using a imac (with multple external hard drives and time machine backups every hour), wired to an AE, to a monarchy DIP, to a manley dac, then to a classe preamp, controlled through my iphone with an excellent graphical presentation. the sound is so good, i haven't turned on my classe cdp-10 player in more than 6 months. and this deck is very good.
Thank you for your replies.

The Bel Canto 24/96 USB looks a bit cheaper than the Empirical Audio units.

I have also found this one, which is only $70, which is good value as it looks like it has a nice quality clock in it, though it does not state which chip it uses:!1EB7027489224A7D!114.entry

The Squeezebox Duet, obviously has a much more user friendly interface. Does anyone apart from drubin have experience of a direct comparison?
Hi Michael -

Do you know where the $70 TeraLink can be purchased?