latest unobtainium music

I stopped into the NPR music blog today and ran across this:

Flamenco Jazz

They have a link where you can listen to one Pedro Iturralde cut.

Impressive. I want it.

But it appears to be made of a cd format at least. :-(

Just between you & I..any leads? (one can hope)


Discogs has a listing for it. On the Blue Note label. Very rare CD. Try Flamencon for a copy. Don't know who they are or even if they have a copy (it just has it for order) but might be worth trying.

Good Luck!

Thanks Jam..I put it on a want list at discogs. I didn't see the other link in my search, but did run across a flamenco site in Madrid that also listed it. But, like you say, I don't know who/what these sites are so I'm hesitant to blindly order......
I've just ordered it from Flamencon. I'll post results.

Thanks & please do post back...
Flamencon ( based in VA ) has emailed me to tell me they don't have the CD in stock. They seem to think it will come in eventually. I've emailed them back to say I'm willing to wait if there's a chance of getting it.

I'll update with whatever I hear.


Is this the site you were referring to in Spain? Flamenco-World? Since the original recording was from Spain, you might stand a better chance of finding one there.

Did see an original album on ebay (Vol 1 I think). Guy's from Spain and wants $180.00 for it. Ends in 6 days. Ouch!

Keep your eye on Gemm. Titan Music has one listed. Titan Music Not highly rated but you may get lucky.

Will keep checking.

Iturralde/de Lucia album rarely appears on e-bay on both cd and lp. Not cheap. Being a fan of flamenco and jazz/rock fusion, I am not impressed at all.
Flamenco and Jazz are very different and do not fuse easily. The best I heard was John McLaughlin/Paco de Lucia duo and also trio with Al di Meola. And it was all possible because of McLaughlin's genius to mix things that seem unmixable. He taught Paco de Lucia how to do it when it comes to fusing flamenco with jazz, jazz/rock and who knows what else.
Find their music on youtube; the best are usually when they were much younger from 1980s.
Inna, I was always a Mahavishnu fan from their start! I've matured as has John. My more contemporary Mclaughlin recommendations to you are: As if you are not yet aware of ....
In order of earlier release first (?)
Belo Horizonte
The Mediterranean
Que Alegria
Thieves and Poets
Thank you, Isochronism.
Yes, I know all these albums. Que Alegria is excellent and the composition called Reincarnation is a true masterpiece, one of John's best.
There are some good cuts from Music Spoken Here album.
Now I'll go listen to "Visions Of The Emerald Beyond".

Yes that Flamenco World site is the one I referred to. Sort of a 'pig in a poke' shot if I ordered there. And I did see the one at Titan, but, as you say, the reviews/reliability are/is not so good.

Inna..yes they are quite different. I'm just workong off the one cut they had available for listening on NPR. Sounded special to me.