Latest Steve Winwood - Excellent

Quite frankly it has been so long since I paid any attention to Steve Winwood I didn't know whether the chap was even alive. His latest CD 'Nine Lives' illustrates that not only is he breathing air, indeed he's still relevant. Every track on this ablum is solid and encourages you to listen over and over. I highly recommend it.

I've also picked up the new Cold Play. To me Cold Play is one of those bands requiring a 5 disk CD changer where you can select random. As individual songs Cold Play's music comes across as brilliant, however when played end-to-end they can get monochromatic. Not the case on 'Viva Havida'.
Nice comments on the Cold Play, my complaint about them as well. A better radio band than album (CD) band as the music always got old after 2-3 songs in a row.

Cold Play's ... Viva Havida

Ha ven't he ard it. Bu t if yo u lik e it, t ry Coldplay's Viva La Vida.
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his last in the studio is still the best thing since early traffic.
Which Stevie Winwood period does it sound like? I'm assuming not the Gimme some lovin' Steve. So folky Traffic / Freestyle Jammin' Traffic / Excellent first First solo / 2nd solo MOR Radio dross / Traffic Reunion / The later MOR forgettable stuff? I heard a recent song he's done - maybe it's on the new disc - where Eric Clapton played guitar. It was alright - pretty good - listenable - didn't set the world on fire but ok.
Saw Winwood Wednesday night at the Hollywood Bowl and he sounded great. He also played several songs with Tom Petty who headlined. Petty was solid and sounded as good or better then ever. Great show and great performances by both.
The new Cold Play is awesome on Vinyl LP! $15.00 off Amazon.
Blind faith...theres some winwood!!hes one of the greats.
I have heard the track "Higher Ground" and like it more than I would have bet I would and it sounds like a quality recording.
anyone know if there is any traffic live cocerts on dvd`s
Good stuff. I bought the lp at a local store. Inside the sleeve is a small piece of paper with an internet site location link printed on it for a FREE digital download of the album. Then it's right into the car/ipod.
Winwood was here last weekend opening for Tom Petty.

The promoters sure got that backwards.
Amen! Audiofeil! But, Winwood holds back more talent than Petty could ever muster up. Petty's alright but, no comparison to Winwood!
Thanks! I will pick it up.