Latest "stamper" discovery

Culling the record collection, and multiple copies of Steely Dan's  "Gaucho" were part of the lot.

I wasn't aware of  an interesting fact,until comparing 2 cheap bin finds I've had for years. One sealed second run presss,(bar coded) and one early press(no bar code).

Deciding the earlier press sounds nicer, I check the dead wax- RL...I wasn't aware Bob Ludwig was involved in this album. The later, sealed press still sounds nice, especially since it's perfect in every way otherwise.This album is my least favorite SD album. The first 3 are my go-tos.

Just like me Zep pressings, this album has the sound which  reiminds you what all  the fuss is about. 

For the Dan heads who don't have one already-get it. My guess, it's more convincing than any pricey reissue.
Pricey reissues made solely for audiophiles who likes quiet backgrounds and spend higher buck.
originals are noisier, but present sound way better
yup, be prepared to spend some bux, but Discogs is the place to get such pressings.

I went through my copies not long ago..did not pay attention to the (dead-wax) on purpose.

On memory, I think I found a re-issue the best for SQ that own.