Latest Pre Pro with all the new codecs

What are the latest PrePro with HDMI 1.3 support?
Integra, Onkyo, Marantz, NAD are some

Lots of recent threads here - do a search
Denon, Krell (both Evo 707 and S1200) and Anthem is releasing the AVM 50v and D2v, Sim Audio has one they have been showing but it only has 2:1 HDMI (no kidding!) Mark Levinson 502, Cary 11a, Arcam has a new receiver so will soon have a pre/pro but the receiver isn't yet out.
The ML 502 lacks the latest CODECs.

Well Kal, as long as you feed it LPCM, but you are right, I more fault the 502 for it's lack of compatibility with Deep Color (should that ever come to light)
Kennyt, you are correct but I was responding in the spirit of this thread which specifically about the "Latest Pre Pro with all the new codecs." Of course, this is an issue that will go away, in time, as the cost of including decoding in both players and processors becomes trivial. But not yet.........

Emotiva UMC-1, to be released "any day now"...At $699 it is going to seriously embarrass some very well-respected names (think Krell, Cary, Bryston, etc.) It gets my vote for Product of the Year, 2009...


I have had the Krell Evo 707 for a few months now and can say that while I totally and whole heartedly agree Emotiva is a great performer for the money, they aren't going to do what my Evo 707 does for HT much less analog audio!!!

Now, I am TOTALLY aware the cost of the 707 is super high, but the performance is equally as good.


I hear you and that is why I had to agree with you in my first reply. I still think the 502 is a perilous purchase should Deep Color ever come to fruition you can throw it away or add an external HDMI switcher (say DVDO Edge) that breaks out audio from video....... A huge hassle given the price of the 502. your opinion which HT processor has the best 2 channel preamp capability?