Latest Oppo"s selling for twice retail

I know that Oppo has stopped producing their line of fine products. I'm seeing people selling these units for double retail and more. I think that this is really gouging. I think it's wrong. I hope no one buys one of these. What do you think??
While I don't think it is really cool to do so, sellers have a product that people want and have the "right" to charge what they want to.  If buyers don't entertain the crazy prices, sellers will eventually have to relent and price "fairly".

It’s called, "supply & demand". If someone has an item, that is very desirable & rare- what’s the problem with seeing what the market will bear? No one, selling OPPO products, is holding a gun to anyone’s head(far as I know).
Totally agree with rodman99999. Not to long ago I had a Shield K1 tablet that was almost a year old and found out they had been discontinued. They were selling for premium prices on eBay, so I sold it for 60% more than I paid, bought something else, and pocketed the extra money.

There's another current thread about this subject. I find it hard to believe that anyone thinks that they're good enough to pay over list price, if even that.
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Could the OP explain what's wrong with this? I buy more than I sell, and I know EVERYONE likes to get a great deal. But when the knife cuts the other way, people think there's something wrong. Peculiar...

Kinda the same way when you find something for sale that you really want, and at a great price - but someone beats you to it. THEN you see the exact same item being flipped and sold for a nice profit, while you truly wanted to own and use that item for yourself

You feel the buyers/sellers intent wasn't as "pure" as yours and it just feels like what they did was "wrong". Just because something doesn't go your way, or you feel someone got the better of you - doesn't mean that it's wrong or unethical

If you can truly embrace these two rules, you'll be a lot happier:
Rule 1 - The world owes you nothing
Rule 2 - Life isn't fair
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Just to muck things up : ) appropriation of the Persian / Urdu / Hindi word used for foreigner.  Check out the secondary definition of appropriation to clear all of this up! : ) 
Saw an oppo 203 for $1500, another just shy of 2k...I'm keeping mine though, unless I'm starving....
I guess whatever someone wants to pay is fine, but they sound terrible compared to affordable non oversampling DAC’s.
@david_ten  Not a native speaker of Persian but I did speak that language during the many years I spent in South Asia.  I never heard the word "muck" used for foreigner.  Usual words were "khariji" or "ferangi".
Consulting my Hobson Jobson dictionary, it appears the expression has Malay roots.
Oppo was one of many Chinese firms producing consumer electronic goods that was implicated in the use of Uighur slave labor not long ago. I personally have no desire to own anything produced by them.  (And yes, I do know where my iPhone was made, thank you.)
I find this price gouging to be criminal.  Anyone who spends 2K or over for an Oppo needs to see a doctor, fast!

^A doctor won’t be able to prescribe anything else that will do as much as well.
They aren’t as great as everyone thinks they are, especially at double or triple retail price.   But, like my dad always told me, “there is an ass for every seat”.