Latest Opinions on the Jeff Rowland Concentra 2

In the process of reviewing integrated amps in the price range of the Concentra 2. Any experiences or opinions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance for your time.
The rest of my system consists of: Art Audio Jota, Cary CD306-200, Luminous Audio Synchestra Signature interconnect, Analysis Plus (Continuous Cast Copper) speaker cables, Audio Magic Stealth and Elrod power cords, both 2 and 3 versions. Room size is 12 X 16.
One option is to look at the Musical fidelity M3 Int. amp. I was set to purchase the JR Concentra II this past year until I had the opportunity to hear the M3. The M3 is a solid Stereophile Class A rated amp that is a real beauty and has the nuance of the JR. Before you spend your $, you might want to review the M3...
I own one and it is truely a preformer. One quality I strived for was musicality. Subjective as this is -this amp is extremely musical. Forget the beauty of the unit ( a nice bonus) it is amazing. I have heard it with various levels of Avalons and it can produce easily as you move up the food chain. I have currently NBS cabling but am thinking about moving on due to pricing issues. I never thought I would own an integrated but here it is!