Latest NiN SACD release:Downward Spiral

How does this version compare with only redbook playback? It was totally remixed from my understanding, was the redbook playback enhanched as well? Or just the SACD layer?
I don't have the original redbook to compare. It's a fair SACD mix, but suffers from such a forward recording style that is probably meant for cars or boom boxes....

I had this on vinyl.
It was one of the best sounding recordings I had.
Even better than many of the 'audiophile'pressings I had.
I have never heard the redbook or SACD so I guess Im no help here....
TAS gave it a glowing review recently, I was just curious if the redbook content on the CD had been improved as well
I'd had the exact same thought. What could be better than an even better recording of Hurt : ) Now if only they'd get to pretty hate machine ...