Latest News in Capturing Video to Hard Drives?

Sorry I dont have any breakthough news, but reading some quick reviews on Amazon, they suggest that the technology to do this is not as mature as I would have guessed.

In particular, one user complained of decent video capture but lousy audio quality.

So I was just wondering if any of you might know how to best capture video to hard drives from old movies on VHS, home movies on digital videotape etc.

In an ideal world, I could find a reliable hardware/software combination that would attach through a USB port on my laptop.

Thanks for any ideas.
You could always copy to a DVD recorder and then transfer to your Laptop.

Thank you - that might actually be the perfect solution and one that did not occur to me.

Can you recommend a good DVD recorder? And I assume S-video out + audio from a digital camcorder should go straight in with no problem?

Then, yes, it would be easy to "rip" the DVD to the hard drive.....

I just saw your reply. I have a Sony(something)355. It was about $150 at Fry's a year ago. The connection you mentioned should work. My camcorder also has a DV8 connection to the DVD recorder that works well.