Latest Hagerman Chime vs ....

I'm just wondering if anyone has experience with Hagerman's Chime vs any other DAC out there and what your impressions and thoughts are regarding the comparison/contrast.

I'm interested in USB input only although others might be interested in the other input options available.

:) listening,

INteresting that you mentioned Hagerman. I recently purchased a HagUSB to use in conjunction with my Beresford TC-7520 with OpAmp upgrade. The Beresford sounded excellent with straight USB input and my computer allowed me to increase the output signal to the DVD (48kHz) signal. I purchased and added in the HagUSB assuming that upgrading the USB input to an S/PDIF format would further improve the sound quality. Frankly, I have been disappointed. Yes, it still sounds good, great even. But, probably an anomoly of Vista 64-bit system, with the HagUSB module in place, I am restricted to the straight CD (44.1kHz) signal. I am giving it all time to burn in, but thus far, I am frankly disappointed. If I do not perceive some improvement after a reasonable burn-in, I will simply switch back to USB input.

Also unfortunate, my desktop has a TOSlink output I just cannot get to work no matter what I have tried. Suggestions?
I built a Chime about a month ago and have compared it against the AudioNote DAC 2.0 (roughly comparable purchase prices.) Both were a pleasure to build. The Chime was more involved, what with sourcing the half-kit parts and the more extensive chassis work. Both Hagtech and AN Kits were really good to work with.

The Chime has its own volume control and can connect directly to the power amp (or go through a preamp, your choice.)

Sonically neither DAC is "tubey" at all. Great detail and resolution: a huge improvement over my CD player (which I haven't even bothered to replace after it failed.)

I much prefer the Chime's completely effortless presentation. It just gives a "voice" to instruments and singers alike.

It would be interesting to compare the Chime with the AN's DAC 2.1 (improved power supply and analog stage vs. my 2.0.) but I don't have plans to make that mod at this time.