Latest Earl Klugh album = Excellent SQ

Klugh’s latest album Spice of Life is a superbly recorded and engineered album. This CD’s sound is so effortless and smooth that it has become my new reference recording for sonic evaluation. The down-loadable MP3s sound great as well.

It’s got some spectacular music on it too! Recommended tracks are Ocean Blue and Canadian Sunset.
I agree. It's great to hear from him again after all these years. And, there are great musicians along with him.
He is one artist whose CDs have always had distinctively good sound quality, regardless of system, to my ears.

I'll have to check it out....
"03-07-09: Bg1968
Check out Bob James and Earl Klugh Cool grat sound also!"

Yes, that album does have extraordinary SQ. I like the music a lot more on their One On One album, but the SQ isn't as good as on Cool. I fixed One On One by re-equalizing it with the free Audacity program and now it sounds great!