Latest comments on PS Audio PP?

Last Fall it received lots of discussion, but there hasn't been much said lately about the PS Audio Powe Plant. Now that it's been in use for awhile what do owners think? Same thing for the Multiwave option, too. Thanks!
I use the multiwave option and I think it's amazing. I had tried a number of other conditioner products and each one had it's good and bad aspects. I think the PS w/ multiwave is the best of all of them without the downsides. What got me to finally pop for one was looking through the reviewers in Audiophile voice, TAS and Stereophile and realizing that about 75% of them use the PS Power plants. If they are not using the PS, they tend to use nothing. My opinion, it's a must have product to receive the best from your equipment.
I absolutely agree with Jadem6 and have seen other comments reflecting positive results. I have not seen any negative comments on "Power Plants" and I have a P600 with MW that I
can't stop using. I have had Tice and Audio Power, but this
product is what the audiophile has dreamed about for years. I even plan on getting a P1200 to power my Krell 300S amp.
My system sounded best plugged straight into dedicated wall
plugs before the Power Plant became available. Definately product of the year is a well earned statement.
I love my P600 w/multiwave. I would hate to go back to plain power. And my Pioneer Elite projection TV benefits just as much.

Basically, the PP makes your system sound as good as it can, all the time.
I didn't state it, but I know what Mg123 means with the Pioneer Elite. I am using the HD-710 and could not beleive the improvement of an already awesome picture. My recent I.S.F. calibration tech even commented on how stable my power was when one of tests reflects any A/C fluctuation.
Ditto, ditto, ditto.

P300 w/MultiWave.., one of the best "high-end" purchases I've ever made.
I've had mine since early fall, was extremely impressed with it then and still am. One of those rare products that lives up to its hype. Multiwave is worth the upgrade,too, easily.
I am new with mine and just as impressed as Rcprince is.
KRE111.please let us know on how the P.P and Your krell 300s sounds.Iam curios to know if you well have ant loss in dynamics ,or prefer the sound without.
thanks steve
My Krell amp sounds great plugged into the dedicated runs made for my audio system with a very good shielded filtered power cord. ( I cannot imagine paying for the 1200 so that I could plug my amp into it ) But I cannot ever listen to my system anymore unless the Preamp and CD are plugged into this. It is amazing PP300. But maybe I had better ask Steve. It might just be all in my mind. And Now I am out $1300. AAARRRRGGHHHH!!!!
FYI, I was told that the transformer boards on the P300 had a batch(s) with reversed wires on the transformer board which resulted in a switch between the neutral and line(hot) and subsequently out of phase with increased AC polarity. I checked this and low and behold, on my unit it was true. I popped the bottom, switched the neutral and line, and VOILA, no more boomy bass, better imaging and soundstaging, etc. I thought this was BS. I stand corrected, phase is important. Those of you with P300's may want to check, it made a not so subtle difference in my system.
Sorry, that should read increased AC potential, not polarity. As Bones said to Kirk," damnit Jim, I'm a doctor, not a magician." And I'm not an electronics whiz, obviously, but I can hear, and the above is true.
Well I know it's been a while, but I just received the P1200
for the 300S and I am now even more spoiled and don't want
to listen without it in the system. There is a much better
sense of staging and clarity and less glare, but no loss of
dynamics which is everything I had hoped for. I've spent
thousands on equipment over the years with not as much improvement. The only thing is that at extremely high levels to get the SPL similar to a live peformance it does get near the limit of 1400W and then would shut down. I am going to install a 220V line which will increase the limit 200-400 watts of balanced power for the P1200. I think that will do the trick. BTW going back after listening made the system sound like a "boom box" and I could not enjoy it the same.
Thanks for the update.
Yeah. Pardon me for having even opened the discussion considering the -2,-2 vote the *question* got. Guess I'll refrain from being inquisitive about other people's experience from here on. Wouldn't want to piss off any of the obviously more sensitive amongst us again...
Ya Fpeel I get the same -2 on my responces has well. I think you should have to give your reasons for rating post and not just -2.
Absolutely agree with all positive comments, but in my system (EAD electronic + Proac 1.5 speakers) I got one negative effect using PP300: now it sounds too forward at any mode.
Any suggestions?
Thank you.
Homosapien--one thing you might want to try is repositioning your speakers, if only just a little. I wound up doing so when I first put in the Ultimate Outlet, as I had thought that while the outlet made some improvements, there were some unusual side effects involving the soundstaging. Moving the speakers just a little snapped things back into focus. Maybe the extra detail or lower noise floor, whatever it is, brings out additional aural cues which upset the balance you had before. Worth a try, anyway. Good luck.
Absolutely agree with all positive comments, but in my system (EAD electronic + Proac 1.5 speakers) I got one negative effect using PP300: now it sounds too forward at any mode.
Any suggestions?
Thank you.
Sorry, I resent my message by mistake.
Thank you, Reprince. That what I am doing now - speakers positioning. I have to put them in parrallel to avoid excessive brighteness, but the sound still is too forward.