Late to the Party: TVC and ARC VT100??

I am considering the use of the Promitheus (ref3) TVC with XLR I/O for use with my VT100MKII. The tube amp has a 200kohm input Z (balanced; 100k se). The source is either my squeezebox or Marantz SA15. I was wondering if there are ANY reports (+ or -) about the pairing of any TVC and this particular tube amp. Oh yeah, I have 1 metre (max)cables from sources, and from pre to amp...
You need to supply the output impedance and voltage of your sources before anyone can give an informed opinion.

I Looked on the Marantz page and they don't list those specs for the SA15.

Slim Devices lists the Squeezebox's output as "Full 6.0Vpp line-level signals", but doesn't say anything about impedance.
Oh, I forgot to mention the ARC VT100 has an input sensitivity of 1.7V.
I suggest you email Nick at Promitheus,He asked me for a list of all my components with specs, and then gave me his recommendation. I purchased the ref 2 and am quite happy. He is a great guy. He may take a bit of time to get back to you as he is very busy, but it is worth the wait.
I'm having no luck finding the output impedance for the SA15. I do the bulk of the listening thru that. I can't imagine it being much higher thn 600 to 1000 ohms though. The owners manual for the sa15 says 2.1V rms (or 2.1 * sqrt(2) ~3 Vpp).

The VT100MKII says 1.9 Volts RMS to drive it into clipping. Assuming half a dB for losses this path (sa15->tvc->vt100) ought to have sufficient range.

I'll ask Nick, thanks.

I have heard that the higher the input impedance of the amp the better. Your source at 2.1 is plenty to drive those amps to full volume. I bet it will be a very good match.
i guess you're not in the good match and i'll explain.

first of all for the normal listening you'd need to turn the volume knob probably closer to 3pm which dictates you will run high signal from your source that might not every time have perfect recordings... hence you're gonna hear more bed recording sectors than you've ever heard before.

second, the dynamic headroom between all components including speakers is very important factor of system synergy.

third, on the low volume levels transients from source might invoke extra distortions in the amplifier itself.

as far as i know ARC make all their preamps high gain and high output exactly imho for the reasons i stated above.

in my understanding the sensitivity of 1.7V dictates the source output to be arround 4V+.
I agree with Marakanetz, 2.1V output to drive 1.9V does not allow much headroom and chances are that the SCAD output stage will falter under peak conditions.

One thing for sure, source output stages are far more fragile than amps or preamps. They will seriously distort badly at their max and simply were not meant to drive difficult loads.
I think 2.1 volts is plenty, assuming the input impedance of the TVC across the band does not begin to attenuate the cdp's output voltage. I have little fear that the TVC will load the output enough to cause distortion.

I guess there is only one way to tell, and this has always been true of anything in audio; I have to get one in my system!
The nice thing about your Benchmark it that it has 4 different output ranges, up to 29 dB (both RCA and XLR), switchable through DIP switches. That 2V rating is at 8.2 dB, according to the spec sheet. The DAC1 is capable of about 6V peak, I believe, like some other DACs with integrated attenuation. You might have to run it though the DAC's volume control, preferably at max so that it wouldn't add attenuatation/impedance. Combined with a low output impedance, it should work even with amp with such low sensitivity. The sensitivity of the speakers plays a part too.

By comparison, a high-gain active is about +20dB but often better quality than the mediocre op-amps of the DAC, which work better with less gain. Either way, it's a trade-off.
Dpac996, did you try it?
Hi Pubul57, I ended up selling my VT100MKII, as I realized that it just did not have the drive I wanted with my Dyns; instead I bought a Pass X250.5; However, I did also, at that time buy the Promitheus Ref 4 balanced TVC to use with the Pass. It was actually quite a good combo; from what I remember the low level listening was great. Very impressive for ~600 beans. I had the TVC for about 2 months before I moved on.