Late Beethoven Piano Sonatas

Love Schnabel's. I like Gieseking's Beethoven but I don't think it's quite the bullseye of Schnabel's. Would love to discover some others though. Kempff?
Kempff is always worth exploring in my opinion -- particularly in the late sonatas -- but Kempff does attract diametrically opposing opinions and I think you need to allow his interpretations to grow on you. His approach is to Beethoven is simplicity, lyricism, and inner power -- not everyone's view. Moravec's performance of Sonata 27 will reward your effort (Connoisseur Society label).
I love Kempff, just haven't heard his late beethovens.
If you'll listen to historic, then Solomon on EMI Classics.
The 2 CD set includes Sonatas Nos 27-32.
Opus 90,101,106,109,110, and 111
Selectively taken, there are a few: Serkin, Gilels, Solomon (as Sugar above), Gulda...
Another set of performers comprises Brendel, Gould & Richter.

But as you like the Schnabel (I do too), I'm not sure what to recommend for a casual listen... maybe Serkin.
You should definitely try Fritz Gulda for that!
i am surprised no one has mentioned Wilhelm Backhaus!!
his playing is one of the classic!
highly recommended.
Kempf, Gulda, Backhaus, Gieseking, Solomon,Schnabel, Richter,Arrau,Casadesus.
Maurizio Polini for the last 5.
Schnabel is the gold standard. I also like Edwin Fischer very much. For opus 90 and 101, Richter on Praga is also great. For opus 106, Richter is incomparable on Stradivarius label (live recording from 1976).

I find Kempff to be dull, though his earlier mono recordings are less duller than his mind numbing stereo re-recordings.
I am agree with Jorge err tha Polini's last sonotas are classic.