late april release for steve earle's new cd

i have been a americana fan for as long as the genre has had that label. today on the st louis public station kdhx 88.1 they played a cut from the advance copy and i loved it. anybody have any opinions on steve earle's music? i bought guitar town the day it came out.. a lp back in the 80s. i am a real fan.
Saw him last year on the solo tour. I like his kid's music.
Steve Earle is one of the best out there. I've seen him a few times, solo and with a band, and have most of his CD's and a couple of LP's. The new one is scheduled for 4/26. Can't get enough.
Nightline has done a couple of shows about him.
I was listening to Folk Alley recently while finishing my taxes, and a song came on that really got to me. I got up to look at the title on my Squeezebox and saw it was Steve Earle 'Sparkle & Shine.'
I was at one of Emmylou's concerts a few years back around the time she released an album that was mostly her original work. She casually mentioned while introducing a song about how difficult it is to write the number of songs to make a decent album "unless you are Steve Earle." Love 'em both.
Lately, I've been enjoying "Simple Gearle" by his sister, Stacey Earle. Great CD.
I Feel Alright is a great album
Cut 7 (Valentine's Day) from Steve's "I Feel Alright" album is a classic.
He also does a nice live version of "Valentine's Day" with a great rap on "Live At The Bluebird Cafe".