Late-80's Philips CD Player Disc Errors

I have a made in Belgium Philips CD770 CD Player that I bought new in 1987-88 which has worked perfectly since new... and still does, on older CD's... seems that some, not all, newer CD's are causing it to report a 'disc error' when reading the CD or only on certain tracks of a CD... older CDs in my collection play perfectly.... example: all of my Enya CD's play fine, however the new one which I just recv'd for Xmas will not play at all... Tracy Chapman's original and subsequent CDs are OK up to the new 'Telling Stories' which I can only play tracks 1-4... again, these are not 'skips' but a reported 'disc error' and refusal to play the track(s) at all... I really like this player (currently in my office system) and I believe it has the dual 16-bit Philips TD1541(A) DAC's.. not sure about the transport mechanism number since the case has never been opened and there doesn't seem to be a whole lot if info on this particular model on the web for some reason... anyway, I'm looking for some info here from someone who may have had a similar issue perhaps before I replace this unit (good deals on a NAD T585 universal player to be had at the moment... would this be a good replacement for my older entry-level hi-fi? Adcom GFA535/GTP400/Polk Audio Monitor 5b's) Thanks in advance.
Have you done any basic maintenance such as cleaning the laser?
After a cleaning to innards, re-check those cds. Remember the newer cds have that anti-pirate codec, I have several that will not play on my vintage Sony ES player...
The case has never been opened. What would be involved in this procedure (is it a DIY?) and why would it help fix errors reading only the newer discs? Older CD's read and play fine. not being difficult, just trying to understand before I go tearing things up.
Hmm... both of the newer CD's mentioned above have a FBI Anti-Piracy Warning Label on them... Telling Stories (Tracy Chapman) on Altlantic and And Winter Came (Enya) on he Reprise Records Label... you may be onto something here..
See if the will play in your CD/DVD computer drive. If they will that may be the problem.
If you've had that player that long, and never cleaned the LASER: This wouldn't hurt- ( Chances are good that the anti-copy CODEC is screwing you up though. A warning label won't affect your LASER(They don't scare that easily). =8^)
I have used a CD 'Laser Cleaner Disk' from time to time but it does not affect the disc errors received in any way, but have never attempted to clean it in any other way.. i.e. requiring disassembly... as for the CD's themselves, yes they play fine in other equipment and my MacBook... I've even tried importing them into iTunes and ripping new audio discs to CD,,, no difference at all... funny comment about the Warning Label btw .... :^0 maybe time to upgrade to the T585 (SA)(HD)CD which will play DVD Audio as well.... I do like the 'sound' of this player tho' ... depending on how the NAD compares I may keep it for the older CD's that it will play w/o problems... thanks to all who responded.
The earlier "drives" were set-up to play a certain length CD.The "newer" CDs have a longer playing/encoded information time,over 82minutes.My friends' Forsell had the same problem and this was the stated reason ( by Forsell no less).