Late 60s Stones

I've been looking for Stones albums to replace my terrible sounding Hot Rocks 64-71. Is there anything of this era on cd that isn't abkco? Does anyone know if Virgin will remaster any of the albums from the early years?
Most of that music on hot rocks was originally recorded in mono, and unfortunately the electronically rechanneled stereo is awful. Try to find original mono london pressings, the earlier the pressing, the better.
Unfortunately all Abkco Cds I have heard of early Stones are bad, especially Hot Rocks. I didn't realize these were mono masters "rechanneled" to stereo. I belive Virgin catalog starts at Exile on main St
to present and these albums are much better sound quality
I'm old enough to be the original owner of the albums in question. I went back to them to check as a result of this post. The sound is awful on the Hot Rocks vinyl and CD, slightly different awful but both awful. The sound of the original albums, The Rolling Stones and the Rolling Stones Now also have awful sound.
Thanks everyone. Now I have more insentive to buy a record player. I can't believe, of all bands, the Rolling Stones don't have decent sounding cds of thier best music.
I think I must not have been clear. I own the original Vinyl. I bout it new in the early 60's. The albums the Rolling Stones and the Rolling Stones Now are definitely mono pressings. I bought Hot Rocks on Vinyl when it first came out. All of these sound bad. So does the CD. I can't really see an advantage to the original vinyl here and both my digital and audio chain are big buck equipment.
Oh, no. You're cool. I understood you, but I was not clear. I'm not intersted in getting Hot Rocks, or any 'best of' for any band. I own Hot Rocks 'cause I got for a couple of bucks at the music store i worked at. In my last post I was partly considering Pikll's to get an early london pressing. It has to be better than Hot Rocks, nothing could be worse. Thanks a lot for your advice. Now i can stear clear of danger.