Lat International cables

Has anybody have any experience with these cables? I'm thinking of auditioning the interconnects and digital cable. It seems like the price is right plus you get a 45 day trial period with a full refund if your not happy with them.
I only use Lat international now. They are an excellent value and offer great performance for the price. The build quality alone makes them worth the money. You re3ally can't lose with the 45 day trial period. I use their power cords, SS-1000-D speaker cables, IC-200-Mark II interconnects, digital cables, and svhs cables. Of course there are better cables but they will all cost much much more than Lat. I found the WireWorld Gold eclipse to be better than Lat's digital cable but look at the price difference. I prefered the Lat digital cable over the Dh labs cable which is copper and not silver plated copper like their interconnects. Lat is just solid cable construction with no hype and excellent performance.
I have tried their IC 100, their digital cable and their low priced interconnect. They have a revealing, up front sound which will work great with certain systems and certain tastes. I think their digital cable was the best of the 3 mentioned above and their budget interconnect was too lean sounding for my taste. Their cables are very well made, they shipped promptly and their no hassle return policy is what they claim. If you like the sound of MIT or Harmonic Technology cables, LAT will likely not be for you. If you're looking to add some zip to a laid back system, they may work for you.
I have the SS 1000D speaker cable and it is superb. I have no interest in any other speaker cable. You need to get over the "it's too cheap to sound this good" syndrome.