LAT International

Hello All.
Has anyone successfully contacted LAT International lately?
I would like to order a few new cables but cannot reach them via e-mail, telephone, or fax, and their online system does not seem to be working at this time.
Many Thanks
I have been told by a friend of the owner's daughter that the owner is in deteriorating health and may not even be looking at orders at this point. 
Thank You, rcprince.

I am saddened to here this news.  

Irrespective of cable orders, I hope Lou's health will improve.

Best Regards! 
I placed an order with LAT a couple of months ago and received an email from Virginia a couple of weeks ago that Lou has been in rehab over a back issue and my order well be completed very shortly, I received confirmation the order was filled and ready to ship ion Tuesday. Sent payment and waiting shipping details.

Thank You, tecknik.

Never did get the cables I ordered, Virginia contacted me a couple of times regarding payment which I sent 2x via paypal, each time I sent no reply that the payment was received or any other follow from them, so I moved on and ordered Crystal Clear Audio Magnum Opus and am very pleased with there PC.


hi, did you get a refund from LAT ?
Apparently LAT is closing their doors. Check out their website.
I talked to a tech person associated with the company. It appears that they are indeed shutting down. I still have a pair of LAT IC-200's which I think are quite good ... a definite step up from Signal Cable that I started with.

As some have already said, the closure is due to the owner's health. It's very unfortunate that these small audio companies don't have any kind of business continuity plans in place. I can think of several who are no longer in business ... since I've been involved with this hobby.
I was their customer for many years. Sorry to hear about Lou's health. They certainly provided a great product for the money. I still have some of their cables in my system.
A lot of the big value cable "manufacturers" are more aptly called cable craftsmen/cobblers. I started out many years ago with LAT and since then have bought Grover Huffman, Homegrown Audio (I believe now out of business), Clear Day, and my favorite, Black Cat/Chris Sommovigo.
I've recently learned LAT has closed and have had no luck contacting them. Does anyone have a contact? I'm actually interested in trying to revive the company. I've been a customer from way back and their cables were outstanding. Thanks in advance. 
Did u get a hold of anyone at LAT?

I bought a DC-30 Digital Signature Cable in Oct., 2016.  I didn't know Lou was sick but when the cable arrived the lettering was mostly worn off.  Lou claimed it was a new cable but I disagreed.  Later he sent me another cable with a locking connect.  I had ordered a non locking but was glad to receive the new one without worn off lettering.  Right after that the website said they were closed.  I am just finding out now that Lou was sick. 

All my speaker, digital, interconnect and power cables are LAT International and I love them!  In my opinion, they are the best cables and I am so sad to hear about Lou!
Out of business company.