LAT International

Hello All.
Has anyone successfully contacted LAT International lately?
I would like to order a few new cables but cannot reach them via e-mail, telephone, or fax, and their online system does not seem to be working at this time.
Many Thanks
I have been told by a friend of the owner's daughter that the owner is in deteriorating health and may not even be looking at orders at this point. 
Thank You, rcprince.

I am saddened to here this news.  

Irrespective of cable orders, I hope Lou's health will improve.

Best Regards! 
I placed an order with LAT a couple of months ago and received an email from Virginia a couple of weeks ago that Lou has been in rehab over a back issue and my order well be completed very shortly, I received confirmation the order was filled and ready to ship ion Tuesday. Sent payment and waiting shipping details.

Thank You, tecknik.

Never did get the cables I ordered, Virginia contacted me a couple of times regarding payment which I sent 2x via paypal, each time I sent no reply that the payment was received or any other follow from them, so I moved on and ordered Crystal Clear Audio Magnum Opus and am very pleased with there PC.


hi, did you get a refund from LAT ?