lat international

Has any one had experience with this companys products? They seem to look very good. Any info would help. Thanks.

Oh, looking for a good component cable for my dvd to tv.
Their composite video cables and digital cables (DI-20) worked well in my system, though the AC-2 power cable and IC-100 MK II IC cables faired less well (maybe just system incompatibility?). Bit when I needed a longer length of component video cables, I went with a 3 mtr run of the DH Labs from Value Audio. Everyone has an opinion, but opinions are based on personal experience (or worse). Just the same, in my system I am very pleased with the DH Labs component cables.
Talk to Kurt at I found the LAT interconnect to be very very good for the price. I sold my $1,700 cable it replaced.
I upgraded to LAT´s IC-300 Signature, their DI-30 digital, and the SS1000 MkII speaker cable, I am very satisfied with the positive change they made in my system. I think that the LAT cables are indeed as good, or better, than other cables which are more expensive. When I had the 300$-IC-200, and compared it to a 800 dollar Ridge Street Audio Poiema!, the Poiema was no better. The same was true for a even more expensive Transparent-cable. You should do an archive search here, as there already was quite some info on their cables.
BWyoung, which 1,700 cable did your LAT replace, and which LAT was it?