Last time you felt that "tingling" sensation?

We've all experienced it (and this is in the context of listening to music). Name the song/track/moment when you last got goosebumps listening to music. For bonus points, tell us where you were and what system you were listening to. Here's mine:

Song: "Hotel California" from "When Hell Freezes Over" (live version)
Where: In my listening/living room
On What: Levinson 390S driving Levinson 436 monos into Wilson Sasha's via Transparent cabling
Exact moment: when that kick drum starts slamming in that piece, it was utterly amazing
My goosebump performances are the Dutchess's lament in Marriage of Figaro... and The song his wife sings when the King awakens at the end of Orff's Die Kluge'
Both love songs.
"I Never Saw Blue Like That Before" by Shawn Colvin.
Madeline Peyroux singing Dance Me to the End of Love written by Leonard Cohen. A song about a trust that goes from here to the end. I still get goosebumps every time I really listen.
Also Jennifer Warnes singing The Ballad of the Runaway Horse again by Leonard Cohen on Duets by Rob Wasserman and on Famous Blue Raincoat. It's not about a horse. Also on the Raincoat album, A'int No Cure for Love.
In classical, The Goldberg Variations of Bach by Murray Perahia and Solvig's Song by Grieg and A Lark Ascending by Von Williams and Hilary Hahn... and more.
I'm a sucker for goosebumps.
Eva Cassady coming in on the vocal on "Let the Good Times Roll," with Chuck Brown. Yikes, Placed that bit 30 times in a row. Makes up for a lot of fiddling with gear. John
The orchestration in the middle of "How Many Worlds" by Brian Eno from his 2006 album "Another Day On Earth".
When Joan Sutherland sang Figlio del cielo from Turandot. Just when I thought a person could not sing louder or higher she ups it a notch. She turned it to 11 and blew me away.
I'll take the finale of Mahler 2 any time, by any orchestra/chorus for spine tingling musical experience and a wash of exultation...

Also, Mozart, Laudate Dominum from the Solemn Vespers, Christopher Parkening,

and Loggins & Messina, Pathway to Glory, (from Full Sail)

and Tom Waits, Shiver Me Timbers (from The Heart of Saturday Night)
Last time I worked on my tube amp without discharging the power supply caps.
The end of Eva Cassidy's "Autumn Leaves" on my Grado sr200's.
last Sunday listening to "seventh Sojourn" by The Moody BLues on my OHM 100s3s as soon as Mike Pinder's Chamberlin kicked in on the opening track (Lost in a Lost World)and throughout the disc when Justin Hayward regularly delivered exactly the right notes at exactly the right time on his electric guitar.
First song, first listen to John Mellencamp's new album last night. Gave me that feeling of when a songwriter's career just hit a new plateau and left a bunch of his compadres in the dust. I'm a huge Springsteen, Earle, Guy Clark, etc fan and I'll bet they're impressed, too. Then add John and T Bone's creativity and artistry in recording it in three historic locations and it's quite a piece of work. I'm not going to listen to it too much on purpose so I can savor it a bit at a time. Sitting in my red chair in the dark staring at my aquarium between the speakers-Arcam CD33T, W4S STI-500, Usher BE-718's, pair JL F110's. Not the first goosebumps by any means, just the latest.
A couple months back. Was in front of my system listening to "Little Red Rooster", by Sugar Blue, off the "In Your Eyes" CD. Man can play the harp with a lot of feeling. I always play this tune with quite a bit more volume than usual.

Pass Labs X250, Classe Dr-5, Jolida JD100 modded, Wilson Audio Witts.
Obama speech.... up my leg
2 am in the dark with just the lights of the stereo system and a pair of Apogee Diva's listening to Stevie Ray do "little Wing"...Damn i miss him!

Like the man said" twenty years where'd they go?"
The last time I had the full goose bumps, and I mean the way they used to come regularly way back when, was listening to "John Wayne Gacy Jr." by Sufjan Stevens on his album "Come On Feel The Illinoise."
At the time I was listening to a pair of Revel M-20s powered by Bel Canto eVo2i with my trusty Resolution Audio CD-50.
More recently I've had several minor events with Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds, "Abattoir Blues." This is a double cd of excellent music. Had to google Abattoir, it's a slaughterhouse.
Timrhu- had the same reaction the first time I heard that song. Eerie, beautiful, gripping. Good call.
Two nights ago, listening to a live version of Pink Floyd's "Any Colour You Like" from a 1975 ROIO (recording of unknown origin)called 'Echoes in the Gardens' (Boston garden)on a Mac laptop while watching the 'Visualizer.' Proof that it's the music, not the gear.
John Martyn. The entire Solid Air Lp. Absolutely mind blowing!
Watching Imogen Heap sing "Blanket" on the Jeff Beck at Ronnie Shotz blue ray....

Listening to The 1812 Overture with my Dad as he explained what was going on in the story.
Timrhu...I had the same thought. Emotional, haunting and brilliant song. I add The Sears Tower, from the same record. Particularly when the last line is sung...

"In the tower above the earth
There is a view that reaches far
Where we see the universe
I see the fire, I see the end

Seven miles above the earth
There is Emmanuel of mothers
With his sword, with his robe
He comes dividing man from brothers

In the tower above the earth, we built it for Emmanuel
In the powers of the earth, we wait until it rails and rails
In the tower above the earth, we built it for Emmanuel
Oh, my mother, she betrayed us, but my father loved and bathed us

Still I go to the deepest grave
Where I go to sleep alone"

That Nick Cave record is brilliant too. I really like the second disc which has some of my all time fave Nick Cave songs....Easy Money, Carry Me, Spell and Oh Children. Gonna give that a listen tonight.
When I realized what Springsteen's' "Into The Fire" was about. EVERY time I think of this song I get chills. Even now as I type. Heartfelt and sad. It is off "The Rising". Give it a listen. Especially sad with the 10th anniversary of 9-11 coming up.

Freedom is not free.
A 10 year old girl, Jackie Evancho, a finalist on "America's Got Talent" is just incredible! I just heard her over my computer speakers. She has the voice of a fully mature woman and uses it beautifully. I got chill's. This girl is really something special.

BTW the performance which really moved me was the first I saw where she sings O Mio Babbino Caro from Puccini's Gianni Schechi. (She is wearing a red dress).
Wpines, I sure hope you are kidding !
I counted 8 times yesterday I got goosebumps listening to music on my stereo. It was a great evening. I hadn't listened too much in a while due to the summer heat. Maybe that was some of it; but the system is definitely dialed in. I got 'em from both CDs and Vinyl. Twice last night one song- The Raven. The low note at the end of the song put me over the edge the second time.
About twenty minutes ago when I posted this in another thread:

Where: my home office
On what: IPad (no headphones)
Exact moment: 2:36
The acapella section of Uncle John's Band by the 'Dead.

Thanks for the link, that is indeed a beautiful video and superb performance. I love Nancy, have a stack of her LPs and play them often.
You are welcome. She is classy as it gets.
Yes, thanks for sharing the Nancy Wilson link. Absolutely superb!
Excellent clip of Nancy Wilson--I've not really paid attention to her but now I will. When this was performed ('64)
my head was into the Beach Boys and the forefront of the British invasion--I might not have appreciated something like this at the time. My loss, definitely.
I used some American Crew hair conditioner the other day that really did it.
Tostados, on that same TV show (Hollywood Palace), in 1964, The Rolling Stones made their first USA appearance. If you want to check out more Nancy Wilson this record is a great place to start; great tunes and fabulous arrangements by Billy May and the great Oliver Nelson. If you are to vinyl, sealed copies of this are found on ebay regularly: