LAST Record Preservative - Application Techniques

As all LAST Record Preservative users know, the stuff seems to evaporate pretty quickly. Any tips or suggestions on how to apply in such a way where you know you're covering the LP, but didn't waste too much (hey, it's expensive)? Do you apply to the brush first, or do you put the brush to the record while squirting the stuff in a line onto the record?
I try to follow the instructions...draw it up into the turkey baster to the line, and slowly run it across the brush. Seems to last, no pun intended, pretty well.
I put the bottle inside a large bowl so if it falls over I have a chance of recovering it.
This stuff is no good for records use a good record wash keep in rice paper jacket.
HI All,
I have been using Last Record Preservative since the mid-eighties to treat my 4500 strong record collection. I have learned a lot about Last, both the preservative and the stylus treatment.

To counter Ebm, this stuff is close to a miracle. It works just like the Last factory claims. Of course, washing and good liners are very important. Last takes record care to the next level. I have run carefully controlled experiments to try to refute the claims. All I accomplished was confirming the claims. Ebm, you should take a closer look.

Application for me is centered around my VPI 17 RCM. After I have washed the record, and while it is still on the platter, I use the eye dropper with about an inch of Last contained and apply it evenly to the Last applicator. I apply by turning on the VPI platter and pressing the applicator down on the revolving record. You can see the Last being applied and then it evaporates quickly.

Apply to the second side then you are done except for marking the jacket and you have a happy, static free, protected record. It only needs to be done once.
Karma 16, do you use Last products for cleaning records too?
No I don't. I use a home made brew that works very well. I have no reason to think the Last cleaner solution is anything but excellent. Maybe I should use it. But mine works well and is a lot cheaper. I developed my formula before Last had a cleaning solution for sale.
Hi.I see. I of course want to have clean records but even more important for me is safety to the vinyl. There are records that would be very difficult and expensive to replace. I would prefer to use only distilled water, but that's not good enough.
HI Inna,
I think your priorities are correct. I guess I don't understand your reluctance to use well proven cleaning solutions. Yes, distilled water is not very effective but if the record is clean to begin with water would at least remove the surface dirt. It would be better if mixed with a tiny amount of dish washing detergent to act as a wetting agent.

Why don't you call the Last factory and get their thoughts on the issue. Personally, I think you are making a big deal out of a non-issue. After all, I have many collector records that I would not think twice about cleaning. And, I haver harmed one of them since I bought my VPI 17 which was a long time ago.

Also, you should realize that if your record care habits are solid, cleaning is not often necessary.
I don't really have a reluctance to use proven things, that's why I asked you specifically about Last. But I would be suspicious of 'new and improved better than anything else' cleaning solutions.
Ebm, what do you hope to accomplish? First, when we were talking about Simon Yorke turntables you jumped in with your TW Acoustic, and now you say that Last stuff is no good without elaborating.
I like Super Record Wash by MoFi clean on VPI 17f works very well with nothing added.As far as TW ACUSTIC i love the sound of my AC1 table withe battery power supply Simon Yorke is good as well Inna,thats my opinion.I have had many tables and tried many cleaning fluids. Thanks.