Last months play list

One of my personal goals for the newly introduced forums at Audiogon is to make music a bigger focus.

I had the idea of people writing in with the "play list" from the past month. The hope is to learn of what others consider to be favorites and to learn of new music from people who appear to have similar tastes to mine. To start out I will simply list the disks (cd or vinyl) that I've most frequently listened to this past month.

The second goal I have is to see individual reviews of particular disks. The idea is to have a separate thread for each disk where others would also make their reviews. For example if Lucinda Williams "Essence" (the first I intend to review) had a thread, there might be ten separate reviews in that one thread. I believe this could be an extremely helpful idea for finding new music.

My List - CD:
Lucinda Williams; Essence - (Played almost daily)
Linda Ronstadt & Emmylou Harris; Western Wall/ The Tucson Sessions
Emmylou Harris; Spyboy - (For four straight months)
Kasey Chambers; The captain - (recording quality suspect, performance 5 star)
Patrica Barber; Nightclub (still!)
Sara K.; What Matters
Garcia, Grisman, Rice; The Pizza Tapes
Bill Frisell; Nashville
Walter Booker Quintet; Bookie's Cookbook
Copland: Third Symphony, etc. - Eiji Oue/ Minnesota Orchestra. Reference Recordings
Mephisto & Co. : Eiji Oue/ Minnesota Orchestra. Reference Recordings

Duke Ellington; Blues In Orbit
Paquito D'Rivera; Tropicana Nights
Charles Mingus; Mingus Ah Um
The Dave Brubeck Quartet; Time out
Tchaikovsky 1812 - Telarc
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Hey Jadem6, thanks for putting music back in the spotlignt on A'goN.
My recent list of music is:

1. The Julia Fordham Collection on Circa
2. Baby Breeze, Chet Baker 20 bit w/Chet on Flugelhorn.
3. The Coryells, Larry and his sons 24/94 Chesky recording.
4. Parker's Mood,..Roy Hargrove/Christian McBride/S.Scott.
5. Lady in Satin, Billie Holiday...20 bit on Columbia

Best, Jim
Someone had a thread going the other day on Ben Harper. I went out and picked up his first record "Welcome to the cruel world" I have listened to it everyday now for about a week. GOOD STUFF! I have heard a lot about Lucinda Willams recently. I like a few of her songs on the radio. I think It may be time to take the plunge:~)

PS- what would we have done without the forums? THANKS AUDIOGON for giving "US" another chance. Say would you guy's be so nice as to check spelling and punctuation while your reviewing each post?
James Taylor, Hourglass. Can't leave it alone. Personal, intelligent, melodic, emotional.
Sade, Lover's Rock. This one grew on me. Great lights out music.
Byrds, Sweetheart of the Rodeo. Good harmonies, very tasty. Their music is timeless.
Virginia Rodriguez, Nos. What a voice! The first 3 songs are really powerful, even if in Portugese. Hypnotic, sacred music. Reminds me of Iz.
Duke Ellington, at Newport, 1956. Jumpin. This material, written in the '30s & '40s, nearly caused a riot. Imagine!
Paul Simon, Negotiations & Love Songs. Always come back to this. Fun to listen to the sonics improve as the recording technology advances.
1. Emerson Lake and Palmer - Greatest hits. Amazing CD.

2. Stevie Ray Vaughn - Texas Flood. I mean, it's SRV!

3. GRP All-Stars - Live! Arturo Sandoval, Randy Brecker, Dave Weckl, John Pattituci, Dave Grusin...if you love jazz, this CD is a MUST HAVE!

4. Michel Camilo - On Fire. best Afro-Cuban pianist... period! No one does it better on the keys that Camilo. If you are a piano lover and don't have this CD, get it right now.

5. Pearl Jam - Ten. One of the best rock albums of the past two decades.

6. Samuel Barber - The Lovers. Took me FORVER to find, but "Prayers of Kirkegaard" is perhaps the most moving choral piece I've ever heard. The finale is breath-taking.

7. Joshua Redman - Freedom in the Groove. If you haven't heard him, get this one. It's his best.

8. John Williams/Itzhak Perlman - Cinema Serende. I always bring this disc when I head to the hi-fi store. Knockout sonics, breath-taking performances. Check out Perlman on "Schindler's List." If you what the video of this performance, you can't help but notice that his Stradivarius is covered in tears.