Last Chance Texaco. Front row last night.

Saw Rickie Lee Jones and Madeleine Peyroux at the Mtn. Winery in Saratoga, Ca last night. Front row. My wife bought the tickets and didn't tell me where we were sitting so I was pretty stoked when we arrived and went all the way down to the front. Fantastic performances and sonics. The PA system was behind us so we got to hear the acoustic version. Pretty cool. Madeleine's singing was of course great but who knew she has such great wit? Terrific band that sounded so good up close-we were eight feet from the center of the drum kit. Madeleine and her band were so good I wondered how Rickie was going to top that. Not a problem. Her voice might be better than ever and she was wonderful with the crowd and absolutely charming.

Best concert ending I've ever seen. She finished the show with Last Chance Texaco. Right before she started the song one of her helpers says to her "Rickie the PA system turns off in three minutes". (The outdoor venue has a 10:30 noise curfew) She says "C'mon this one takes three-and-a-half" and she starts the song. Know how that song fades out at the end? Sure enough thirty seconds before the song ends the PA system fades out and we are left with Rickie playing and singing solo unamplified with her acoustic guitar to an absolutely rapt audience. It was a perfect ending.
I've seen both of them several times, but never together. I bet it was a wonderful show. I'll have to see if they are coming to the Rockie Mountain region on their tour. Thanks for sharing
Sounds like a great cultural treat. Rikie Lee Jones is one of my favorites. She has a new album coming out Sept. 18th. It is a collection of covers produced by Ben Harper called "Devil May Know".
Sorry. It's called "Devil You Know".
That is a nice coincidence. Last night I had a long listening session with some friends which included Madeleine, and for the last song of the evening we chose Ricky's 'Last Chance Texaco' and played it pretty loud. Was truly awesome. Thanks for your post.
Love Rickie Lee Jones!!!!! I have seen her three times. Just listened to Naked Songs, one of my favorite live albums.
OK, I'm a Rickie Lee Jones fan and I also own a very high resolution system (just added a U Clock if anyone is looking). However, the lyrics on her recordings, even the SACD of Pirates are mostly unintelligible. Is it me, Rickie, the system or what?
Pull up the lyrics on your iPad while you are listening.
I think this is her style to slur , mumble etc... To me it works!!
Thanks for sharing, Bizango. I'm not very familiar with Ms. Peyroux, but Rickie Lee Jones is one of my favorites. All her records sound fantastic as well. It always surprises me how few people are familiar with her work. The concert sounds quite amazing.
Nice to hear from other Rickie fans. She's an original that's for sure. Like on her three disc Dutchess of Coolsville anthology-the first two discs have the songs arranged in alphabetical order. Why? I dunno, I guess you'd have to ask her. I like it.

The last time I saw her she had a belly dancer for an opening act.
Rickie Lee Jones has some excellent live cd's available on her website. I purchased 'Live in Portland" a few years ago. It has a great version of "Low Spark of High Heeled Boys" on it.
My favorite RLJ live recording is "Live At Red Rocks" because I was at that show! You can hear me yelling and screaming...along with about 9000 other fans.