Last CD purchase; M.L. 39 or Wadia 850?

I'm looking for any advice on comparisions between these two fine CD players. I DO NOT, nor will I buy a pre-amp, so its' narrowed down to these two in a shoot off. Can't find any local dealer who carries both. Anyone out there done the comparison? Thanks for any and all comers, opinions, suggestions!
N ot exactly what you asked, but I did extensive comparisons between the M.L. and the Wadia 860 (not the 850) and I bought the 860. They were both great I thought the Wadia had a more natural delivery (aka more analog like), better detail, better bass response.
I had a M.L. 39 which i sold once i heard the resoluion audio CD50.the digital attenuator is by far superior then the two units your yourself alot of money and get yourself a more musical player,THE CD 50.
I also did comparisons between the 860 and the 39. I bought the 860 as well. They are both good, the Wadia is more immediate and tight(accurate) with great tight tuneful bass. The Levinson is much more laid back relaxed (smooth) If your system is nueteral the Wadia might be better, if it is too bright the the Levinson might work better.
i compared 850 n 39 when i was looking for cd/processor for my ARC VT-100 MKII. i didn't want to buy a pre-amp too. i end up buying the 850 cuz it suit my music(heavy bass stuff) better. 850's bass was way better than 39 in every aspect, tighter, more articulate, more detail and more punch. but i would say 39 sounded more neutral(analog) to me, cuz it's really smooth. for my system, it sounded kinda boring n mellow. i get more excited when i listen to 850's brighter(than 39) sound. one problem with the 850 tho, it's mid-high frequency sounded brighter than 39 but i sometime felt it's highest frequency is kinda rolled-off. i'm not sure tho, cuz maybe it's because i'm using cardas interconnect n speaker cables. hope this helps
Wadia has discontinued the Model 850. The new model numbers are the 831 (~$4,000)and the 861 ($7950) are due out approx. June (date is not firm). I recommend Wadia over the ML. thanks..
Read the review of the Wadia 830 in 'Soundstage', where he compares an 830 with his 39.
Don't buy anything, wait until the price drops after the new digital formats are out...
Why don't you consider a Resolution Audio CD50? Are you just interested in name recognition? It'd save you a ton of money, and it's just as good as the other two.
Has anyone heard the Camelot Technologies player, "Morganna"? It is likely not in the same class (it is about $2K), but is a 24/96 player and does have volume control. The CD50 does not play DADs. They also make the Uther DAC which is a step up and can function as a line stage. I haven't heard either of them and am curious. ???
Has anyone heard the Camelot Technologies player, "Morganna"? It is likely not in the same class (it is about $2K), but is a 24/96 player and does have volume control. The CD50 does not play DADs. They also make the Uther DAC which is a step up and can function as a line stage. I haven't heard either of them and am curious. ???
No, the (current) CD50 will not play your handful of DAD's. It's THE PERFECT all in one player for CD's, though, AND THIS THREAD IS ABOUT ALL IN ONE CD PLAYERS (neither the ML or Wadia play DAD's, either, and if they did, they'd cost much more). Do you not own very many CD's? The CD50 sounds like music, almost like analog, like the best a CD can get, for your money...and sounds like there's no extra linestage in the way, cause there isn't one. It would hold it back (has a supremely good linesection with good drive character inside it already, much better than the SCD-1's, for example, with it's cheap op amps). However, if you're just going to use cheap cabling and power cords with it, it'll sound like any other average highend CD player. Kinda like an untreated room...why bother? Time spent listening like that is time wasted...
Well Carl... Did you hear the "all in one" Camelot, or not?
Denf--Have you heard the Accuphase DP75 running directly to amp? Suggest you listen to this player before any final decision. The 75 can be had in resale market for $4000+. Quite a machine.
This thread is about CD players with volume control, not DAD players (since neither the Wadia or Levinson are DAD players). No, I've not heard the all-in-one Camelot, but if you're trying to tell me it sounds better when playing CD's than the CD50, I'd have to say the CD50 you heard was BROKEN. If you're in the southeast, bring this Camelot by for a shootout, anytime. How many DAD's do you own, and are they the only thing you listen to? I own 3 titles, and there's just not enough of the titles I want in that format, or SACD. I just bought a 45 rpm reissue of Charles Mingus, and I bet the SACD is no better than the vinyl. And vinyl is more fun to play, anyways.
Muse Model Nine or Nine S: CD/DVD/DAD. Optional volume control available. Everyone is so excited about these "new" formats. Muse had DVD/CD/DAD digial components out in 1998.
i'll have to say the cd-50 will be hard to beat,regardless of price,much less if you're saving money!!easy ah? alfred
FYI I'm a very happy 860 owner for the past 2 years. The first year without a pre amp, the second year with a C-J 16LS. Sound quality with this pre-amp in the link was greatly improve especially at low levels.
The SACD 1 blows them both away. See the battle of the titans at AUDIONUT. SACD is the way to go. No contest.
Allow me to repeat my comment on the 5/21 'CD Player' post: I've used a Resolution Audio CD50 for over two years. I recently added a Shunyata Power Snakes AC cord between the PS Audio P300 and the player, replacing an Electra Glide. The improvement was huge and dramatic, as much as any reasonable component upgrade. Most AC cord effects are fairly subtle...this was not. But expect the normal 100 hours break-in.
All the SCD-1 blows is smoke. Bring one by my place anytime for a shootout (playing CD's). I'm serious! And prepare to be embarrassed!
I own a Wadia 850 as well as a Wadia 860 and am very familiar with the Levinson 39. I am also a former Wadia employee who was very involved with the development of the 850. I would be happy to discuss this question further with you if you are still debating the issue. My opinions are probably biased but I would be happy to discuss this with you in detail by phone. (651)578-0657
Get a Wadia 860. No contest over the Levinson or anything else for that matter. I had given up on the shrill sound adn un involving sound of CDs until I heard the 860. Bought one the next day. You will find you never appreciated technology as much as thought until you buy an 860. The Levinson sounds much like all other CD players just a little clearer, but still not like real music with rhythm and pace.
My CD50 has gobs of rhythm, pace, musicality, "ease", and any other positive attribute you can think of.