Last 4 Years - Votes for Best Speaker Ever Heard

Last 4 Years - Votes for Best Speaker Ever Heard

Just out of curiosity, I went through the list of “best speakers ever heard” and compiled a count of the votes from February 4, 2001 to January 3, 2005.

There are a zillion disclaimers. Here are a few:
1. The process was casual at best (no doubt errors exist.)
2. The threads were quickly scanned; if a clear winner was evident, it was recorded; if there were two speakers that seemed like a clear tie within a thread, both were counted; when more than 2 speakers were considered the best, the thread was ignored. The practical result of this is that some very good speakers probably didn’t get as many votes as they might have.
3. Threads that didn’t seem to have a “best ever speaker” were ignored (some threads just had comments or stories, etc.)
4. Votes for similar models were combined, so in some cases models were lumped together even though there might be slight variations in versions.
5. Sometimes threads recommended a manufacturer, but not a model, so the manufacturer was recorded, but not the model.

If a model (or manufacturer) got one vote it is listed with no number to the right of the model; if it got more than one vote the number of votes is listed to the right of the model.

On the left are the totals for each manufacturer that got 5 or more votes.

There are 175 line item entries (mostly models, but occasionally just manufacturers).

- Before you flame this thread too hard, please see disclaimer #1 above.

If anyone wants to redo the count, you are welcome to have at it.

- PS, I am not drawing any conclusions from this due to the less than rigorously scientific process involved; I'm just adding (no doubt with errors) and reporting. It's just a rough approximation of almost 4 years of people casting votes on this particular forum.

Acapella Exaliburs
ACI Jaguar
ACI Talismans.
Acoustat electrostatic model 4
Aerial Acoustics 8B
Aerial Acoustics 8t
Alón Exotica Grand Reference System
Alon Wolf Magico
8 Apogee
Apogee Diva 3
Apogee Duetta's 2
Apogee Mini Grands
Apogee Scintillas
ATC active 100's
Audio Note ANE SEC Signature
audio note anj/spx
AV Duos
Avalon Eidelon 3
Avalon Osiris
avalon sentinels
10 Avantgarde Duo's 6
Avantgarde Trios 2
Avantgarde Unos 2
Axiom M80TI's
11 B&W 801 5
B&W N802's 3
B&W Nautilus 2
b&w nautilus 800 3
beolab 5
Beveridge Direct Drive Electrotatic 24" Hartley System
Bose 901
Cabasse Atlantic's
Cabasse MT
Cain & Cain single horns
Cerwin Vega's with bose 901's stacked on top
churhills by tannoy
Clark systems ref
Classic Audio Reproductions
Crosby modified Quad 63's
db design oris 150
Definitive Tech's BP300TL
7 Dunlavy sc iv II 2
Dunlavy SC IV-A's 2
Dunlavy SC-V's
Dunlavy V
Dunlavy VI
Dynaudio Evidence 3
Dynaudio Evidence Temptations
EFE T-60s.
Eidolan Diamonds
Focal JMlab Grande Utopia Be 2
Fulton Premiers
Genesis 1.1
Genesis 200
Genesis 201's
Gershman Acoustics Opera Sauvage
Goldmund Mimesis
Green Mountain Audio 4
Hill Plasmatronic 2
How about Mirage M1's
Hyperion 938s
Imagine Electrostats.
Infinity Prelude MTS
Infinity Reference Standard Beta
Infinity Servo Statics 1-A's
Infinty Beta
Jadis Euritmie
5 JBL 4343s'S
jbl 4412's
jbl l100
JBL Paragon
5 JM Focal Utopia Be 2
JM Lab Grande Utopia Beryllium
JM Labs Grande Utopia Beryllium's
Jmlab Grand Utopia
Joseph Audio Pearls
Kharma Exquisite Reference 3
6 Klipsch Heresys
Klipschorns! 5
Lab A-1s
Legacy Whispers 4
Levinson HQD 2
Linkwitz dipoles: Pheonix
Linn Komri
Lumen White Light Monitors
Magneplanar 2
Magneplanar 20.1 2
6 Martin Logan
Martin Logan statement 5
MBL 101d
mirage m5
Mmerlin VSM-M
Montana KAS
Montana WAS 3
Naim Audio DBL
NEAR M15's
Nearfield Acoustic PipeDreams 3
Newtronics Temperence
NHT 3.3
Ocellia Tilias
Odeon horns
Overkill Audio Ovation
7 Piega C-10 Ltd 2
Piega c-40
Piegas p10 4
Polk srt s
Polks srs
Proac D25
psb alpha mini.
psb gold i
15 Quad 4
Quad 57 stacked
Quad 988 4
Quad 989
Quad ESL 57s stacked
Quad ESL 63
quads triple
Radford 360
Revel Salons 4
Rockport Antares 3
Rosinante Dulcinea
S.A.P. J2001
Seas' Thor
Shahinian Diapason
Silverline Audio Sonata's. 2
10 Sonus Faber Amatis 3
sonus faber conc
Sonus Faber Cremonas
Sonus Faber Exremas 3
Sonus Faber Grand Piano's
sonus faber strads
8 Sound Lab A-1 2
SoundLab M-1
Soundlab U-1 4
Spendor S3/5.
stacked DQ10's
Swans 2.2
Talon Khorus 2
Tannoy Churchill
Technical Audio Device Model-1
The Neat Ultimatum
Thiel 3.6s
Thiel 7
Thiel CS6
Tylers acoustics Lynbrook monitors
Vandersteen 5 4
7 Von Schweikert 4.5 gen III's
Von Schweikert VR 11
Von Schweikert VR5 HSE. 5
11 Wilson Audio Adrenaline
Wilson Audio Grand SLAM
Wilson Audio Wamm 7 2
Wilson Audio WAMMs 2
Wilson Audio Watt/Puppy 3
Wilson Benesch A.C.T. 2
5 Wisdom Adrenaline 75 D's
Wisdom Audio
Wisdom Audio M-75 3
Have some spare time on your hands? Run out of pocket lint to pick? No paint to watch dry? No grass to watch growing?

I'm jealous.
Good job.
What dedication and inspiration and interesting too!
Ever think of hiring on to count votes in places like Ohio or Florida? You seem to be just about as accurate as the Republican election fixers!
I believe he is more accurate than the republicans. Nice tallying hi hifi
Jeez, And I thought I needed to get a life! But, I'll grant you that the lack of an consensus is interesting.
Second Newbee's concensus observation. With so many speakers on the market it's almost impossible to hear them all. I consider myself as having heard a lot of speakers and I counted only 32 of those on this list.
Why not amend the title to " every speaker ever made ( just about!!).
Thanks, this was helpful.
What's the point,just about every manufacturer is in list.
Good effort however.I trust my ears and my wallet.
HEY!! Why arent MY speakers listed here???
Everyone elses are!!!
I hate being the only one left out..sniff
I guess I better buy those Bose! ;~()
Hi_hifi.. if i ever start my own company will you come work for me?
Pbb you are making it difficult for us Republicans to ever want to buy anything from you.
Recently I took a trip out to visit Darrin and Gene at Audio Limits in Colorado. In one of my earlier posting I stated that they had the best system I have ever heard with the Pipedream Speakers. I never thought sound could get better than that. UNTIL LAST MONTH.
When I arrived at Audio Limits they greeted me as if we are very good friends and Darrin offered me to stay at his home in Colorado Springs for the weekend.
They were so caring and real gentleman. When I arrived at there new store they showed me around and I noticed they had the most beautiful pair of Genesis 201's in Piano Black being driven by an ASR Amplifier and a Reimyo CD Player in main showroom. I asked if we could give them a listen even know they are a bit above my budget I couldnt resist not listening to them. I ended up being there for 10 hours the first day and 8 hours on the second day. I couldnt believe what I was hearing. This new system that they put together made the previous Pipedreams system they had sound like an AM Radio in comparison. Thats a big statement I know but its true. I have to say I travel alot visiting different Hifi store's around the Country and enjoy it very much but what Darrin and Gene did was ruin it for me. There system is so far superior to anything else I have heard that I dont think I could enjoy anything else. I have decided to stop waisting money on this and that and am going to save my money for the New Genesis 201's and ASR Amp. It is by far the best system I have heard. If you are in the market for such a thing and want to own the finest system ever I would strongly recommend you visiting them. (719)633-5676
They are great people and will take care of you.
I just wish that there were more dealers like them.
If you would like to see the incredible System I heard Darrin has posted it in the Virtual System tour under All Out Assult.
It appears that the clear winners are Piega and Apogee.
The number of votes on these two speakers are the highest if I'm reading this correctly. It's no suprise seeing as they both are Ribbons.
Hirezrecorder: Better check the list again as Quads, Avantgardes and B&W's all got more votes than Piega or Apogee.