Last 3rd of LP has High Feq. Distortion

What would be your first response to a TT that has voice on the ending tracks as "slurring sound" in "S" words?
Or on harmonies like CSN sounding distorted or muddled together on the higher fequency harmonies? Adjustment or electronics?
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Sibilance (the "s" slurring), I presume...
Adjust yr tonearm & cartridge. Then check the cartridge loading (i.e. the input of the phono).
Only if all this fails, check/ scrap your electronics. Regards
Sounds like it could be prior mistracking of album, damage to the album. Does it do this on all lps? Otherwise, your setup is not correct.
If the problem is consistent with many records, then it's likely a setup problem.

My first question is - What is your TT/arm/cartridge?
Second question: Are you using an anti-skate adjustment?
Third: Does the problem occur if you disable anti-skate?

The reason I am honing in on anti-skate is because it varies across the record. The skating force is highest on the outer part of the record, lowest on the inner part. If you have a LOT of A/S being applied, it may be over-compensating too much on the last few tracks.

Took it in the dealer and it the crappy 30.00 pressings that I bought. Bummer can't adjust that now can I. Other than quit buying Classic Records.
I wouldn't necessarily agree that it's the pressings (though it might be). What exactly happened at this dealer? What did he do to demonstrate that it's the pressings?

Many dealers these days lack the knowledge to properly set up and adjust a vinyl rig. The full-range and dynamics of many modern releases will test the abilities of both the playback equipment and the person who set it up.

I've had several people mail me "flawed" vinyl that played perfectly in my system. I've also visited people to adjust their rigs, and had to tell them the vinyl they were attempting to play was flawed or damaged. The devil's in the details and the person providing the answer should demonstrate they know what they're talking about.

Example: here's a simple test for pressing flaws. "Play" the suspect passage by turning the platter by hand, very slowly, so the music is a low frequency growl. If there are pressing flaws/voids they'll be audible as sudden transients at much higher frequencies than anything in the music. If you hear that at very low rpm's then the record is indeed flawed. If you don't, the record's probably fine and you should look for equipment or setup problems.

If you played these LP's on Gregm's, Sns's or Tfkaudio's rigs (or mine) and heard the same problems then I'd agree with your dealer. But without a better description of what he did to diagnose, I'd say the jury is still out.

If you're really looking for help, answer the questions posted above and work toward developing an answer based on the evidence. All you've done so far is repeat what your dealer said about the vinyl, which may or may not mean anything.
Everything DD said-especially the part about more info. You've told us nothing-what is your gear, how long have you had your cartridge, do you do your own setup work, what kind of protractor do you use, do you clean your stylus between plays, etc. etc.
Doug to answer your question we played the 2 albums I took in on two ther TT's One LP12 like mine with a Skala Cart mine is a Troika, the other was a P9 with a Helikon and the
issue was the same. I played the original pressing of the peter gabriel So that I bought used and it doesn't have any of those issues. I played some older Moody blues last night and agin it sounded fine. My alarm was triggered by playing 3 albums The gabriel mentioned, CSN couch on porch, and Neil Young Hits and all are exhibiting the same issue in the same area of the vinyl. And they are all coincedenly Classic Records. That is why I made the comment.
As far as the dealer, I think when it comes to the LP12 there are probably a handful at best worldwide that can dial one in like he can. Linn has reffered him for years and I have been there when his boxing up units to send back to owners all over the US. I really believ that the vinyl was to blame and appologize that I started this thread without prior further investigation. Not to mention the time and trouble of moving an LP12 via car 35 miles each way. I would be hard pressed to rest blame anywhere else at this point. Also as asked I have a new Troika about 100 hrs. and yes I clean stylus with last or Lyra products for each side and always clean the vinyl. That is all part of the ritual. The vinyl is always cleaned when I receive it on my VPI with walker prelude or L'Artduson fluid and Mobile Fidelity brushes. I use DeStat F Tech and
I really think that is getting everything clean enough that the blame must be the vinyl.
Doug I assume that you are either a dealer or a rep of Classic Records and if I offended you I am sorry but this
is what I have found. I would rather be telling everyone that 30.00 buys the best, but I really have only found consistant high quality vinyl from Mobile Fidelity or Sisco.I have had someC lassic records that you could not get away from me, but here lately I really look at brand rather than title when ordering.
I just think that 25-35 bucks is a big investment for an album that is not markedly better than a standard pressing
of old. And I just can't get into CD's as much except for convenience.
I just think that 25-35 bucks is a big investment for an album that is not markedly better than a standard pressing
of old.
Agreed. 25-35 bucks is a big investment, full-stop!
Doug I assume that you are either a dealer or a rep of Classic Records and if I offended you I am sorry but this is what I have found.
Strange assumption. I'm not and you didn't.
Thanks glad to hear I hate stepping on the wrong toes. Maybe the vinyl re-issuers will take heed and offer a
better product or drop their prices to comensurate the
value provided.

This absolutely sounds like an alignment problem and thats why it is happening at the end of the side. I think I know what your talking about. The proper term is sibilance. Its as if the S in the S words is dragged out and tizzy. Like the voice was poorly mic ed. This is typical of the cartridge being out of alignment or the cartridge is old and the stylus has warned causing an alignment issue. Also the stylus could have been unknowingly damaged. Even if it looks aligned twist the cart slightly towards the spindle and see what happens. If this doesn’t work pull the cart out a little on overhang. Then twist it slightly outwards. More than likely it will be the first adjustment that corrects it. If it doesn’t. Try every direction and don’t be afraid to really move it. . look at the stylus under a microscope. Try another cartridge as well. Even if the body looks aligned it may not be. The cantilever could be off. The first years of my analog endeavor I thought all the tracks on the inside of the record were like that....LOL!!!!! Records and tracks I thought were unlistenable no longer have any issues for many years. Proper set-up I find effects tracking far more than sound. You certainly get better sound with proper set-up but what you really get is dead quite tracking regardless of record condition or cleanliness. This sibilance you speak of certainly sounds like miss-tracking or an old or damaged stylus. Then again it could be the records, who knows right? I love classic pressings.
As mentioned the dealer had two other table sound the same and when I played some other pressings I didn't notice it including the Original Peter gabriel release. I had a copy that I played and it is just not there. I really belive the dealer is about the best TT setup guy I have met. To illustrate further when I first started doing business with him he didn't even sell CD players. He swore they ruined the music. I had decided that CD was the way to go he tried to get me to sell him my collection of LPs.
But over time he converted me and and here I am, buying more vinyl each year than cd. I liked classic at first and have a number of other records but here lately I have been really disappointed. I think the MoFi seems to be the one that I can rely on to be a good clean pressing.
Just my experience.
The classic answer to "last 3rd of Lp has High Feq. Distortion" is the anti-skate is not adjusted correctly.