laserdisk player broken

Help, my pioneer ld-606 player has blown the fuse. this happened while under warranty and had it repaired at local repair facility. They put a fuse in and a diode. They told me to connect it to a surge protector. It was a cheap surge protector but it happened again and this time I went in and replaced the fuse. A year has gone by and the fuse blew out again and when I put in a new fuse, it blows immediatly. I took it in and they said the power supply was fried. They wanted $50.00 for power supply and $150.00 labor. I thought it was a rip off. Anyone know if I can fix this? Where would I get the power supply? Would contacting Pioneer help? I have since hooked all of equip to a $40.00 APC surge protector. I can't help think this LD player was a lemon. Any help would be appreciateded
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Did you trade in the dead counterpoint? Where did you pick up your Laserdisk player? I have been looking at used ones, how about a pioneer CLD900? Ever heard of that model?
Thanks for the response, Jack
The thing to do is buy a DVD player and sell me all of your LDs for $2.00 each ;>)
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