Laserdisc Dynamics vs Blu Ray

I've done a lot of research lately on the merits of Laserdisc. A number of people have suggested that a Dolby PCM Surround track sounds much better then DVD and even in some respects better then Blu Ray.

I understand the DVD vs Laserdisc comparison because of the resolution and lack of compression found on Laserdisc in Dolby PCM and even DTS. What I've found interesting is that Laserdisc used Theatrical Audio Cuts while DVD and Blu Ray use watered down Studio mixes for the home. The theory being that many users will use cheaper speakers and television's as their primary audio sources. A Theatrical Audio cut offers dynamics most systems couldn't endure, therefore the mix down.

Can anybody share experiences? Has anybody compared a Lossless Blu Ray presentation vs an older Laserdisc Dolby Surround cut on a decent setup?
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Recent DD true hd and Dts Hd Ma are light yrs better than the best questions.
most laserdiscs were often schleped from one inch masters(the same source used for vhs and beta), with a minimal amount of audio or video fixes or clean up. in any event, its a little late to care.
Wow, some interesting responses. I understand the video is slightly worse then DVD. I might add that there are benefits in no mpeg2 compression but the slightly less resolution and the fact that most comb filters have been stripped on flat panel televisions isn't helping.

I have however been told by many people that Laserdisc just simply sounds better. Lossless HD offers better resolution but the theatrical dynamics have been compressed for the sake of poorer audio playback systems (Flat panel, Home Theater in a box).

I remember hearing Apocalypse Now on LD and then buying it on DVD and being incredibly disappointed. At any rate thanks for your thoughts.