Laser Projector

Hi folks, 

I'm looking for a Laser Projector for a Home-theater dedicated room of 16' wide by 20' deep with 9' ceiling to shoot the image on a 195" 16:9 woven acoustic transparent screen.

Budget over 10K

Native 4K

Triple Laser

Your though?

Thank you. 


The Optoma UHZ65 is a very good projector but the LV doesn't have great reviews... 

I'm not a big fan of Sony product...

Would probably look for the ZK750

Let's wait for more choices... 

Thank you. 

I went through product training for Magnolia, and their geeky types — the guys who actually understand the tech and know what the hell they’re talking about — held Sony projectors, and TVs, in very high regard. I wouldn’t buy any other Sony products myself, but in the video world they seem to be quite good. Their processing technology, in particular, is a step above. FWIW.

@soix - yup.  I don't have direct experience with "laser" projectors, but the common opinion is they are excellent.  But if he can drop the 'laser" requirement, I think the Sony SXRD projectors are the absolute best.

As far as TV's go, I really do not like the latest LED and OLED image technology because the images end up looking too artificial and "larger than life" and often come across looking like computer animation.  That being said, the Sony LED/OLED televisions look the most natural out of all the different brands.

I do not really like Sony audio electronics because they come across cold/bright sounding and often sound sterile at times.

I will have a look at Sony's laser projectors and have them compare to same priced Optoma one's and see which are looking best at my opinion...

Thank you for your suggestions. 

I looked again.  It turns out that the $20k Sony VW915ES is actually a laser projector.  It just uses laser to project light onto the SXRD panels for display.