Laser assembly for MBL 1531 cd.Cost and type used

I need to have the laser replaced does anyone know what type is used and its cost?MBL said they would let me know next week but I'm not dealing with this
very well with my anxiety level is at its peak next week is so far away
its around 5-700 , they replace whole trasport, philips
1531 uses CD-Pro2M from Philips. It costs ~ 300 EUR form daisy laser.
Looks like it just needed a cleaning works fine now.
Thanks Mike
What method did you use for cleaning it Mike? I have the 1531 and was curious in the event I ever find myself in the same spot you did.

Thanks, Art
I used a distilled water with 1/5 Isopropyl alcohol mixed.took a Q tip dipped it in and whiped the lens.followed by whiping the lens with the dry side of the Q tip.I loosend the Q tip cotton for less friction 1st also.
The unit has never sounded better!
Thanks Mike, glad to hear you're up and running. The 1531 is really a terrific player IMO.
Have any of you other 1531 owners experimented with any isolation or vibration control for these? I haven't yet, just curious what others are doing....