Las Vegas "THE" alternative show?

Hi, last year at Las Vegas the CES high end show was at Alexis Hotel, and it appears the same this year.

But there was an alternative show called "THE Show", at the San Remo, that was rumored to have been started due to the high costs of CES. It was a very very useful show, IMHO.

I can't find it on the web this year. Do you know if it is taking place? Where?

Thank you.
Try This address should get you there provides the information you seek. Venues are the St. Tropez hotel and the San Remo hotel. The St. Tropez is next to the Alexis Park, and there are free shuttle buses between the San Remo and St. Tropez.

Brian Walsh
Wow, that's quite a list of exhibitors! Plus, they have bigger rooms? That does sound like the place to go. Are the crowds any smaller?
Crapazoids! I was going to stay at the San Remo for THE Show, but may have to cancel my reservations because I'm so damn busy here at work.
It was a nice combination, CES plus THE show. Was able to cover it all in two days, albeit at a slightly frantic pace.