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Larry Carlton is many things to many people. For all, he is a consummate guitarist with tone, phrasing, and note choice to die for. So you know where I'm coming from, my introduction to LC was with "Last Nite" which is one of my favorites and is the standard by which I judge his other albums. If you like "Last Nite" you should also like "Fire Wire."

Similarly, if you're a Beck fan (Jeff Beck, of couse, who else??) from the Wired, Truth, Blow by Blow era you will like this album. Although not as twisted as Beck, it has the same cool vibe and the touch that only Larry Carlton can bring to the table.

Fire Wire is rock oriented with elements of blues, jazz, and funk fused and sprinkled throughout. He also has a top notch horn section (sapphire blue) backing him, which is way cool. If you're a tone connoissuer this album has the magic. Maybe its the double amplification. Maybe its the touch. Maybe its the Gibson ES-335. Either way, this album has the goods when its comes to tone and production. In this respect, the song "Naked Truth" is worth the price of admission. Although Larry Carlton will sound like Larry Carlton no matter what equipment he uses, there just is a magic touch to the sound on Fire Wire.

This is not the smooth jazz that some may expect from Larry Carlton from times more recent. It is rough and ready RnR, softer contemplative moments, and get up and dance grooves. This is the second step in his comeback that commenced with Sapphire Blue (a great blues based album with horns!). Larry Carlton garnered quite a following with his smooth jazz explorations, but they never quite delivered for all his fans. I always wanted something more because I've seen him tear down the house in concert and wanted that vibe back in his studio efforts. This is it. Run don't walk to buy this one!

One of the must haves in the Larry Carlton catalog and not to be missed. Clearly one of his strongest performances to date. It won't be everyones cup of tea, especially those used to his smooth jazz and work with Fourplay. But those of us who remember his early days, will embrace this latest offering and say Larry is back!
Thanks for the review, Ferrari! I, too, miss the "old" LC. It's good to hear he's returning to the form that enthralled me so many years ago. The Jazz-lite phase he went thru was never my cup o' tea.

'Larry Carlton and Friends' has always been a favorite "fun jazz" album for me. He is also responsible for some of the sweetest licks on classic Steely Dan cuts.
Will be checking out his latest stuff - thanks for reminding me of one the best guitarists around.
This is on the Bluebird Label and is catalog number 82876-70363-2 titled "Fire Wire". Don't miss it.
Go back and listen to larry on Joni Mitchell's "Court and Spark" .. pure genius (well, you know what I mean)
Sounds interesting. I must admit that I enjoyed some of that smooth jazz of his. What is great for fans (and him) is that he wasn't killed when he got shot in the head. The album "On Solid Ground" was dedicated to that terrible incident.
If you dig 'Firewire', check out his previous album, 'Sapphire Blue', it's a return to his hard blues/rock side. I've been listening to Larry Carlton since his days with the Crusaders. It's good to see him returning to his harder-edged roots, now if he'd only come out with a 'Los Lobotomys' style Fusion record, I know I'd be a happy camper!;) For those of you that dig instrumental guitar rock you oughtta check out Audiophile Imports, there's ton's of great stuff there!
Check out this link on this Larry Carlton CD. I wrote that review sometime back. This one is smooookin' good. Play it to loud and the speakers turn to mush.
I'm sorry to say, and I love Larry Carlton, but Fire Wire was a big disapointment. I gave this cd away after listening to it several times. I can't believe the way people are talking about this loud obnoxious release. I loved "Last Night" and all his smoooth Jazz, Larry your going through a midlife whatever,on this album, go back to what you do best, feeling every note!
Agreed, Willis. In breezy mode Carlton is one of the very few irresistable smooth jazz guys. Over the year I've worn out the vinyl listening to "Sleepwalk."
I've got "Alone/But Never Alone" on CD and vinyl; both are excellent but the album sounds especially good. Also have "Discovery" and a later one from 2000 called "Fingerprints" which I like alot. Larry is a superb guiarist and is obviously very particular about the recording quality of his work.
Well Larry Carltons Fire Wire has been nominated for a Grammy as well as his work with Fourplay on their new Album X.

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