Larry Bud Melman - RIP

I may have first watched this with the music on and the TV sound down, however a classic nonetheless. RIP Mr.Melman, many laughs from you my friend...

Hot Towels at the Bus Station
Man that was the good ole days when Dave was at his peak, Larry could make you laugh so hard you would wake people up, RIP.
I think I once saw Larry at a Pantera concert :)
He was certainly one of a kind. You are so right, many, many laughs! I was a huge fan.
What a character. I read his obit and it stated that there would be no funeral, as he had no surviving family.

I'll bet Dave has quite the tribute to him next week.
He was always a blast. My wife and I will miss him. We remember his first appearance. In fact, it's on some VHS tape around this mess. RIP Cool Dude
Wow, that clip is hilarious. Larry "Bud" was great back in the day (hard to believe it was 24 years ago!).
Too funny, I have tears in my eyes. RIP "Bud".
RIP Bud, you made my life funnier.

I'm actually watching Letterman while watching this clip.
It looks like it has been more than 24 years for Dave.
Great Clip. RIP Mr. Melman, you made us all laugh.
"Toast on a stick -- Bon appetit, suckers."