Large vs small ....LFE out...

I thought I had this figured out but wanted get some other opinions. I currently have my mains and center set to large, 4 surrounds to small and the crossover at 80hz...NOW...I also have my Bass/LFE setting on my Yamaha directed to sub(other choices being: sub/mains,and mains only). I guess my question is, there must be a cross over setting for the bass/lfe. I looked in the manual for the Yamaha but no info...Any ideas? I am assuming it has to be pretty low. My LCR have built in subs and being set on large more than handle movie soundtracks. Just curious what benefits if any snding lfe to sub vs sub and mains....
Sub should be the .1 channel. It will send that full range to where you want it. No crossover at all?
The LFE signal was set when you told the unit your speakers for front were large so they get everything, your sub will cut off at 80hz or so (the number you set for the surrounds). On my Rotel there is a sub setting for use with large speakers to tell it that you want the sub to not only do its duty with the smaller speakers but also do all LFE period even tho you have some set to large...just more bass. If you can set your unit like mine meaning you can set every speaker to a specific crossover then maybe you should set everything as small but your mains crossover at 40Hz to see how it sounds. Some like doing all speakers at 80hz no matter how well they will perform to follow what they feel is the best true THX presentaion which I dont agree with........I prefer to let all spaeakers do what they can safely handle if powered correctly. Cheers
Typically ther is no crossover setting just for the LFE. LFE is a discrete channel of information and the recording engineer would have only recorded "low frequency effects" onto that channel. There is no need to do anything to account for this, other than set the subs on-board crossover point to the highest possible setting. Your receiver will send all of the LFE info to the sub, plus the under 80hz info from the surround (probably little to zero <80hz info on the descrete surround channels).


Ok, now I am even more confused...


So I understand that setting to large sends everything to that specific speaker. So when the Yamaha gives the choice of where to send the bass/lfe(thats how it is described in the manual) to only the sub or to the sub and L/R, it isnt crossing over at a lower pt, say below 40hz(ex.)? There is a noticable difference in sound..HMMMMM..This entire time I thought I had it figured out... I can tell you that the cross over to the subs in my speakers is 80hz per Owen at Definitive. ...
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I prefer crossing to the sub at 80 Hz. By themselves, my KEF 104/2s sound fine, well able to track a jazz bass down the fret board, but not able to provide that subtle more felt than heard effect when a low pedal note is invoked on a large pipe organ. My Velodyne HGS-15 provides that. Where I disagree with Chad is that I find using the 104/2s full range with the sub results in a bit less air and transparency than when they are limited at 80 Hz. It's subtle, but real. It must be due to double coverage of the under 80 Hz range.

For 5.1, I add a pair of KEF 102/2s and a KEF 200C, all limited to 80 Hz. My pre/pro is a Proceed PAV/PDSD combination with Proceed 2 and 3 channel amps.


Thanks for the explanation. I think I understand now. So in the manual this bass/lfe output option(per the manual) sends the bass of the "back surrounds" and where the .1 lfe goes...Seems simple. I just wonder why it is there at all if I have my mains set to large they get everything. The crossover in my speakers(which is at 80hz)sends those freq. to the powered subs in the speaker. The surrounds which are all set to "small" are (unfortunately with the Yamaha there is only one crossover) crossed at 80hz and that can be sent to the sub and or the mains.

My limititation is in my one individual crossover in the Yamaha. Tonight I am going to play around and try setting the mains to small and crossing over at 40-60. Allowing the Sub to handle everything below this...

I know its all subjective as to setting mains to large or small and what the sub should handle and I know what THX suggests. Just wondering what others have found best in their situations.

My set up is 80/20 ht. I am getting some very solid low end without any "boom". I've graphed out the room and have added some dyi acoustic treatments. Really, some quality move sound as far as imaging, transparency of the front end etc.

Initially, I was just using the Yamaha alone, but now as a pre/pro with Adcom 7ch which is night and day from the my initial layout.
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Your mains should not get any LFE (.1) info, unless you set them to Large, and your Pre-Pro to "no subwoofer". I have just gone through this, and discussed with both Cary and Denon to make sure when setting up my system to pass HT info through my preamp. I wanted to use just one sub, and use it for both HT and 2 Channel, but the only way to do that, practically, was to set the PrePro to "no sub", send all of the info through the 2 Channel preamp, then cross over the sub between the preamp, and the amps for the front speakers. So then I would be processing the signal after the tube preamp. I just got another sub instead.

I hope this helps.
Your probably going to confuse the issue aa you are only half right so I will make a point once again, The Yamaha unit allows for LFE to go to mains set to large if desired but you have a choice to just get a full range signal on mains if set to large with the sub doing the LFE.