Large volume adjustments on Jolida amp

I recently purchased a Jolida 1501 RC integrated and like just about everything on it, except--I can never get the "right" volume setting. It always is too loud or too soft--the increments adjusted by the remote seem to be just too large. The Jolida remote has smaller increments than my universal remote, but I still have to jump up from my chair to make adjustments.

Is this a matter of too much gain? Would a Rothwell in-line attenuator help with this? Right now my source is a Denon DCM370 CD player connected to the amp with Siltech Paris IC's. I am about to add a DAC, which I suspect might strengthen the signal into the amp even more.

Don't know if there's a fix (other than sitting farther away from my speakers).
Contact Jolida and see if you can adjust the gain of the system somehow. While you can pad the input by using in-line attenuators, lowering the gain of the system would be a better choice ( if possible ). Sean
One way to handle this would be to replace the tubes with 5751s. Many people think they are a better sounding tube than the 12ax7, and they have 30% lower gain so your volume would be lowered in general. This would give your volume knob a greater listenable range.