large value capacitor upgrades in a CJ PV10A?

I have a CJ PV10A that I have tweaked over time with capacitor upgrades, Furutech IEC plug and faster avalanche diodes in the power supply. I like the unit, its sophisticated in mid range voicing but think I could get more out of it with better choices for the large value capacitors.

for the diode bridge capacitors I've replaced the original 20uf Solens with Clarity CAP TC's. Pretty happy with these.

What I'm suspicious of are the Mundorf Supremes, I replaced the original Solens 3.9 uf and 13.5 uf value capacitors with these... they are well made but in trialing smaller values in pre section they clearly "rounded" musical signal.

And the output caps are 2uf values, with space constraints, currently using Rel (Audiocap) Theta's here. I suspect these need to go.

Any other tinkerers out there with suggestions on better large value caps given that size rules out Teflon or Dueland options?