Large Tube amp recommend

Hello. Need some recommendations on a pair of mono blocks in the 250+ tube range.
hers what Ive used in the past. Rogue 120's sweet dynamic and powerful lowend control. VTL 300 deluxe very powerful but ressesed in the mids and dirty highs. Still nice. Hurricanes Nice midrange but too laid back, still missed the rogues highs. Rogue Zeus. Fantastic Imaging good bass but to me a waste of heat too much missing from the highend dynmics. cary v12 very nice. I sold all of those and got another pair of 120 magnums. I have a very diffent speaker load Vr-8's that are happy with the 120's but make it perfectly clear of its limitions. I think it would show up the other amps as well/
Lokking at upgrdes vtl 300 melos mat 400 ect.
i would try two mc275mklV macs(150w per side). my single 275 will drive gradient revolutions and ar30's which fall apart with some of the other 'bigger' tube amps. the highs are very smooth and the bass is defined. typical mac control.