Large Tannoy Speaker Placement question:

Greetings! I have a pair of Tannoy Arden speakers (15” dual concentric; approximately 4x3x2) that I drive with a 40 watt Jolida 707 and a McIntosh 6100. My dedicated listening room (living room) is 11x18 (which extends out into 23 feet into the foyer) x 8. I have been working on speaker placement and room acoustic treatment for four years now – I use a combination of room treatments: eight nerve ceiling corner treatments and strip treatments used around the room ceiling and wall seams; ATS acoustic panels for first reflections and directly behind speakers; Echo Busters Phase 4 towers in corners behind speakers; and a RPG vari-screen behind the listening couch (the screen shortens the room to 18 feet). Speakers are positioned short wall – 4 feet from back wall and right next to left and right walls with acoustic panels on the walls next to the speakers. (Long wall placement does not yield a satisfying soundstage).
I have been working on speaker placement in this room for four years and I still don’t think I have it right. What do the rest of you Tannoy listeners do with speaker placement and room acoustics?
Sounds about right to me. Check the link to my system. Be advised I have since veneered the cabs, I need to upload updated pictures.
Many audiophiles in Japan listen to their big Tannoys in small dwellings with flea powered set amps, nearfield (low SPLs), thus eliminating the problematical room modes stirred by those powerful 15"-18" drivers. Most I was told, are happy and contend of just listening to their tonal beauty and dynamic musical expression.

However, If you set them as you normally would with normal speakers ie. expect more - imaging, staging, disappearing (to certain extent) and play louder etc., you will need a slightly bigger room to play around with positioning. I used to have mine in a 16'x27'x9' room, set-up 5'-6' from rear wall, about 8' apart and around 1.5' from side walls. Toed-in to get strongest center-fill / imaging, and best (solid, focus, clean) bass and mid-bass.

Along with room treatment (bass traps being most crucial), you too need to control and tame vibration and resonance of / from the speakers themselves. GET THEM OFF THE FLOOR! Using 4-6pcs of solid cubes (sz ar.6cmx8cm) thick density wood underneath each speaker, I had great success. This further cleansed up the bass, resulting in purer midrange and highs, thus improved imaging and separation too. Doing so eliminate most, but not all problem..

Finally, I have also found them best driven using tube amp varieties with excellent output transformers. As good control to their big drivers is of utmost importance, find one capable of driving the bass deep - but not big, then good things should follow. Good luck.
You both have my thanks for your advice.
I have the Tannoy Ardens in a large room and used to have them set up with the short wall behind the speakers.
I get much better sound after moving the speakers in front of the long wall, they are about 7 feet apart and about 10 feet away from me,each speaker is 10 feet away from side walls.
I use some damping in corners and at back and side walls.
I have raised the Tannoys up 8 inches off the floor and yes they do sound better the closer you get them to ear height.I plan on making very sturdy speaker risers in the future to get them up a couple more inches.
I use a Cary cad 300sei and never find I need more power.
I must agree with the Japanese placement.
As above, I too found Tannoys are particularly well suited driven by the 300Bs varieties SET amps. The Western Electric ones I found to be the best match at that time driving my Westminster Royal. Live, control, finesse, sweetness all in a perfect package. May be giving up some speed, attack and neutrality to the better SS counterparts, but unbeatable midrange!