Large speaker recommendation

I've lived with the Sonus faber Elipsa speakers for 10+ years. Now thinking about upgrading to something with a bigger sound. Elipsa sounds great with classical music but not so great with pop/percussion type of music in my system/room. I do listen to classical music most of the time though, but hope to get a pair of speakers that are good in both worlds. Have also owned Tekton DI and Audio Solutions Figaro XL (really big, too big) but looking for something better, under $30k used or new, aesthetically pleasing. My system consists of: Mark Levinson No. 33H monos, Mark Levinson No. 523 preamp, Aesthetix Io signature phonostage, Basis Ovasion turntable, Vyger Atlantis turntable, digital components include Okto Dac8 Stereo, Oppo UDP-205, AMR DP-777 dac, Schiit Yggdrasil, and Bryston BDA 3.14. Room dimensions: 20x15x9 ft. Thanks! Ron


Another vote for Vandersteen Quatro Ct.

Also Legacy Audio Aeris will provide a big, open, sound.

Since you've owned the SF for so long I'd expect your ears/brain to prefer the SF sound and other brands you try might sound different or exciting but after extended listening you'll find the sonic differences to be flaws, so I vote you stay with the brand you've been enjoying and go up the line. Bigger sound, less compromises with the same attributes that attracted you to the brand in the first place.



I would not expect that just because you owned and liked a speaker for a long time you would perceive differences as flaws. That has never been my experience. I have heard a lot of speakers in between purchases… some sounded incredible (but not ones I wanted) some sounded incredible and sounded more like what I wanted. So, I changed brands.


For me, I appreciated lots of different speaker systems, bought a few. However, for me, Sonus Faber has a realism and musicality that is far superior to others. So for me that is true… but not because my last three sets were SF, but because they perfectly fit my desired sound characteristics.

If you haven’t made a decision look into the Charney Audio Concerto. A large full range single driver horn that fit your budget and deliver! Full scale engaging sound that bring the artists into your room. I just upgraded to the Companion with Voxativ AF2.6 drivers for my 11x15x8 room and couldn’t be happier. Charney’s demo room is 14x19x9 and the Concerto sings beautifully in the space. Look them up worth the listen.