Large speaker recommendation

I've lived with the Sonus faber Elipsa speakers for 10+ years. Now thinking about upgrading to something with a bigger sound. Elipsa sounds great with classical music but not so great with pop/percussion type of music in my system/room. I do listen to classical music most of the time though, but hope to get a pair of speakers that are good in both worlds. Have also owned Tekton DI and Audio Solutions Figaro XL (really big, too big) but looking for something better, under $30k used or new, aesthetically pleasing. My system consists of: Mark Levinson No. 33H monos, Mark Levinson No. 523 preamp, Aesthetix Io signature phonostage, Basis Ovasion turntable, Vyger Atlantis turntable, digital components include Okto Dac8 Stereo, Oppo UDP-205, AMR DP-777 dac, Schiit Yggdrasil, and Bryston BDA 3.14. Room dimensions: 20x15x9 ft. Thanks! Ron


I would like to thank everyone for your valuable inputs. Many of the speakers recommended here are totally new to me. So I had to google them. The looks are obviously a very personal thing. I narrowed down to a few and started auditioning them in my own room based on the availability from my local dealer. The first ones I auditioned were Wilson Sasha 2 and Revel Salon 2. Just as some of you pointed out, they sound very differently from the Elipsas. Not sure I like the sound but may just need time to adjust. Next up is Rockport Atria II. They also have Focal, Estelon, YG, MBL, most of which are above my budget. Would definitely try a pair of Raidhol and Vandersteen when they become available. Will see....thanks again.

How about moving from the Elipsa's to the Stradivari's? 

If not, and I had the budget, I'd look into a set of used MBL's. 



You are definitely doing the right thing. Sampling the character of speakers. I am always amazed at Wilson… they are tremendous speakers… yet, not for me. 

Volti Vittora. I'm using them in a slightly smaller room than yours and they sound great!