Large room with low budget for speakers

Hey everyone I have been having issues finding the right kind of boxed speakers that would work in my room well that won’t be too dry on the bass region my set up has an array of Rel woofers my budget is 30k but all the speakers that would be big enough would be around 60k and up I have looking into brands like Focal, Rockport, and Wilson audio but none of the smaller speakers from these brands are very impressive in my room 


GoldenEar Triton Reference. Built in powered woofers, 1800 watts rms. Stereophile class A rated. $11,000. I have 26'x32' room. They sound great.

5000 square feet is not a small room. My whole house is 1100 square feet!!! What do you live in, a palace?

That's not so big of a room that you can't find speakers.

What about some of the big Tannoys or Klipsch La Scala?

A 20 x 30 room with 8' ceilings is 4800 cu. ft.. Most average to large speakers should be able to fill that room with sound if the acoustics are reasonable.



Volti, Classic Audio, Viking Acoustics, Klipsch Jubilee.  These are all efficient and won't take monster sized amps.

Magico A5 looks like it wouldn’t disappoint in the base and they’re under budget at about 25k.  Or you might be able to get into a REL stack and speakers for under 30k.