Large Room which speakers?

I have a rather large room and looking for a speaker that will fit.
the room size is 8m(26ft)x10,5m(34ft) and the height of the room is 2.9m(9ft)

i have Krell FBI and Bob Carver Cherry Monoblocks in hand together with MSB Diamond dac.

Can Horning Hybrid Eufrodite fill a room like that?

thanks for all the recommendations
Good points by Marty.

Larger omnidirectional speakers are a very good choice for
larger rooms when good sound throughout is a consideration.

OHM Walsh speakers are a lower cost option to mbl and are
designed to work well closer to walls if needed. I have two
larger rooms and a pair of OHMs in each that have won out
over everything else over the years mainly for that reason.

I also have two smaller rooms, and in there, I often prefer
smaller more directional monitor designs.
My living room is 18x24 feet with a two storey ceiling at one end. Open to the dining room. I have always been a stand/monitor guy and was in a similar quandry. I founf a great deal on a pair of definitive technology ST8080s. I had a small set of def techs years ago in my office system so i took a chance. Very very happy. These are a second generation bi-polar design with built in powered subwoofers. Well balanced and they fill the room perfectly and the bass is much better than i
i've been able to do in my two ther systems with separate subs.
All good responses...I have a similar situation with my room...20 x 30 but only 7 ft ceilings. see my system with Tyler Acoustic Woodmere IIs as the mains and B&W companions. Really depends on your application. As mine is mostly music (80%)with some home theater needs, this setup has made me VERY HAPPY for my large room.
These can be obtained fairly cheaply used should be able to handle a large room.