Large platform for power amp and more...


Looking for a large horizontal platform to place my power amp and the remaining components horizontally. I found only audio racks with shelves. But what I need is a sonically satisfying wood platform, 2 meters lenght / 0,5 meter depth, to place in the ground (maybe with some spikes). As simple as that. Are you aware of any brand & model avaliable?

Check with Stehno. He makes custom wood racks that are nice.
Get yourself a couple of large rock maple butcher blocks (John Boos' Boos Blocks are the best IMHO), position them end-to-end and couple them to the surface using threaded Audiopoints cones.
I was going to suggest looking for a workbench top and cutting it to your desired size, but I think separate platforms would be better. One large shelf will create more resonance problems than several smaller ones.
Jdombrow is quite correct when he mentions resonance issues. A 6 ft long piece of maple could give you trouble. If you got yourself 3 rock maple butcher blocks of the size I am thinking of (23" x 19") you would have just under 6 ft of usable space. In 3 sections you could also configure them in different ways should your situation change.

The John Boos blocks I use are 100% hard rock maple, come in a variety of sizes and thickness. I am currently constructing a custom two-shelf rack from 23 x 19 x1 slabs with a hand rubbed and buffed tung oil finish, 5/8" threaded rods, and I will be using Audiopoints 5/8" inside thread cones to couple the rack to the floor. It's going to look great and work very well too.

Lisbon, I've been using this with great results:*10173

place it horizontally and you'll have the chance to add cones or dedicated platforms for more sensitive components. It's quite sturdy and heavy, I find it very good for the price. It fits 4 pieces of equipment. Ikea will open it's first portuguese shop in March 2004 (amadora), or go to Spain to get it....or have it custom made.

Mapleshade has some nice wood platforms and stands.
I made my own all that is needed is a simple piece of MDF. (3/4" thick, Home Depot will even cut this to size ,Next step up would be to get a piece of 13 ply birch such as Home Depot carries in a variety of sizes (3/4" thick) and glue it underneath the MDF,I used gorilla glue to glue them together.
I sprayed painted mine black to match my stand they look great and are really good for resonance issues. there are many different types of spikes and feet you can put under them. Cost for the wood and glue for both was around 35.00.